Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Comment By A Reader

Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa mga MSOB writers at sa mga mambabasa na rin itong comment ng isang reader. 

Dear Mr. Mike Juha: Hello! I observed that your blog is a market or mall of stories. I would like to believe that you are very supportive to aspiring writers by giving them the break to exhibit their works in your blog. Your cause is very noble. But many of your writers have lacked discipline and social responsibility. They are just good for a few chapters and then they will be gone, leaving their stories unfinished. I would like to suggest to impose discipline to your writers to have regular schedule of the continuation of their stories and to please finish them. One example is XXXX. In his blog, XXXXX, he made beautiful stories but his follow up/ continuation of the story is very irregular, like months before the next chapter will come out. It is very agonizing for us, readers. His blog became a dumpster of comments for people who have nothing to do. I really doubt the credibility of his promises. He is very immature and unstable. I will suggest that the on XXXX (PLEASE READ)


Una, tama ka. Kailangan ng mga writers na "consistent" sana ang kanilang updates. Ngunit dapat rin nating malaman na ang mga writers dito sa MSOB ay hindi nagsulat for profit. At hindi ito ang kanilang "source of income" kumbaga. Kaya based on that point, I personally cannot force them to write, to update on a regular basis. I just trust it in their prudent judgment, and conscience whether to post or not to post. I have to admit that I have high respect for our writers for being so generous with sharing their works, time, and talent for FREE. But they are human beings too. They are affected by stress, by personal problems, by discouragement... 

At kapag may explanation na ang writer, sana ay respetuhin na lamang natin. It's up to you, readers whether to believe in their explanations or not. Tandaan lang natin na kahit papaano, nag-effort sila na magshare for free. Ngayon kung mas mabigat ang pagtatampo natin sa kanilang "pambibitin" you judge yourself kung nararapat pa ba ninyo silang suportahan o hindi. After all, writers are encouraged to write... dahil nand'yan kayong nagbabasa. 

Anyway, salama tsa comment. I read all your comments at kung patungkol sa MSOB ito at kaya ko o ng Admin na sagutin ang mga comments na ito, we will do our best.

Sa mga writers na hindi na nagparamdam, for a long long while, one option is to consider removing them.

Maraming-maraming salamat sa tiwala at suporta ninyo.



  1. i think i have to agree with mr. M... -kiko of SK...

  2. Mark Xander MendiolaMay 28, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    yeah...sana unawain nalng natin ang magagaling nating writers...

  3. tama po kayo sir mike.



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