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WARNING: This post contains explicit scenes and is not suitable for readers below 18.


Part 1:

It’s 11pm at the Dammam Bus Station. I had arrived at 10pm from Riyadh a 5-hr trip of more than 400 kilometers away, paying a visit to my cousin who just came back from the Philippines on a vacation. The temperature was cold at 10 centigrade, a little windy and I was chilling even with my thick jacket, just standing there in front of the station for an hour with those taxi drivers and sex scavengers digging in on me to have a ride with them.

A few more minutes and I glimpsed Bader in the corner of the road, standing there in his white body-fit shirt which molded his sculpted chest exposed through his open grey jacket and straight-cut jeans signaling in an air of authority for me to follow him into his car at the parking area, just beside the road. I immediately obliged.

He opened his red sports car, new one he just bought a month ago after a year’s savings and a help from his dad, got into the driver’s seat as I went for the opposite door and got in beside him. “Hey, what took you so long? Do you know I was waiting there for an hour dying of hunger, hypothermia, and fear of hovering sex maniacs thinking if you’d come to fetch me or not?” I said in an angry and suspicious tone. “I called you in your number and there was no answer. God! Where have you been? I could have died of mental torture figuring out what’s going on!”

Bader just sat there calmly, started the car without saying any word as if he did not hear anything.

“Bader! Did you hear me?” I shouted.

“I had a damn flat tire in the middle of the road; had difficulty fixing it, and I left my cell phone in my room, happy now?”, giving me a sharp and intimidating look.

“Sorry, I thought you again…” I said with a feeling of sympathy for the poor guy having his bad day and having to undergo that sacrifice for me.

“Again…. What?” showing in front of my face his huge fist as if he were ready to smash me.

It’s just playful, just to end a conversation implying that I should shut up coz he was either tired or pissed off with something.

“Nothing!” I answered playfully pretending I was afraid.

He parked the car in the nearest McDonalds, we got in and he went straight to the counter, ordered spaghetti and hamburger for me, French fries for him and two soft drinks while I went to select a table just beside the glass wall overlooking the highway. He wouldn’t eat anything from McDonalds. We just went there coz I always tell him I like it there. He says its foods are prepared in a way not compatible with the standards of his religion; but that he could bear with me there just to drink soft drink, satisfying himself with the fries while I would savor the spaghetti and the hamburger. Then after an hour of sitting and some “interrogation” with my activities and people I went with during the trip, we would proceed to my accommodation, 50 kilometers from the station.

It’s what we usually do whenever I go to Riyadh or other places needing me to commute to-and-from the bus station; he sends me off and fetches me back. It was a huge sacrifice for him to do that at his own expense, and considering that his place is 45-minute drive from my accommodation and he had to still report for work the following morning. While I would already be asleep, he would still be driving on his way home. “I am at your service, as driver and bodyguard”, he would say with a grin on his face or an air of sarcasm, depending upon his mood.

Two years earlier, Bader was one of the many Saudi trainees under me. I was 25 then. Under the nationalization program, every company with expatriate employees is required to train Saudis who would later on take over the jobs from the expatriates. He was one of those given the chance to train; newly-hired, 20 years old, and never knew how to speak English. He was tall at nearly 6 feet, a gym-addict, and unlike most Saudis, his ways were western, usually maintained a clean-shaven face and his skin was pinkish fair than reddish. He had light brown eyes with long, curved eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and slightly wavy hair with bangs dropping to both sides of his face. He was pretty good-looking; the most good-looking guy in my company I had seen. “I am not a pure Saudi, my mother has a Lebanese blood, and my father has Syrian and Turkish”, he said.

My friendship with him started on his second day of work. Punching in should be done before 0700H but it was already 0658 and he could not locate his time card. So he rushed towards my desk gasping nervously and gesturing something I could not understand.

“What is it… a paper, no? a ball pen, no? a notebook, no? a bomb, no?” I figured encouraging him to gesticulate some more like we were playing charade under time pressure and laughing together every time I give the wrong answer while his face changed from scared, to delighted and to frustrated. Later, I was able to get what he meant when he pointed to his watch and gestured his palm as if inserted into something with a matching sound, “Tick!”

“Ok, I got it, time card!” I shouted as his eyes bulged in complete happiness. I ran to the office, gave him a spare card, and signed it to prove to his superior that he lost his card and that he came on time.

Since that time, Bader would come to the training room to visit me during his break, asking me to teach him English and even Tagalog. Since I was based at the training room alone most of the time, there was no problem.

A few months after that, he was already officially enrolled into my training class, becoming our paths closer having to see each other at least four hours in a day. Even after class, he would stay behind to talk, sometimes offer me foodstuffs or anything prepared by his family. And because of that, his English had improved considerably.

Like anyone his age, Bader was very enterprising, full of energy, afraid of nothing. He wouldn’t mind running his sports car to top speed even inside the worksite, earning him some caution notice for safety violation and disturbing the peace and quiet of the workplace. He had his skull punctured due to a fall, a huge scar in his left thigh due to a car accident, and a mark on his scalp when an angry friend hit him with a metal rod during a fight. I think he was kind of a happy-go-lucky person. He had a simplistic approach to problems too, “If you are hungry, eat; if you are angry, sleep!” He advised me when I complained that something in my job annoyed me. Sounds funny but I guess he had a point.

Gradually, Bader and I became more intimate. For a Saudi and a Filipino to be that close, eyebrows would raise if you would tell people that there’s nothing more to the relationship. But between me and Bader, it was just pure friendship; not because neither one of us liked it but I promised myself never to do stupid things in Saudi Arabia. For one, I was afraid of what it could bring me, and two, I wanted to keep a standard of self-respect, integrity, and dignity in my position. Before Bader came, I had already a straight three years of clean record: no sex, no alcohol, no flings, no romantic relations, nothing. Everything was purely professional. It was kind of boring but that’s how it was “Why should I break that record now?” I told myself.

One day, Bader invited me. “Mr. Mike, please come with me to my home, visit my farm, and I’ll introduce you to my family – father, brothers, cousins, friends, and nephews. We’ll stay in my farm overnight on Thursday until Friday” coz in Saudi Arabia, the weekends fall on Thursdays and Fridays.

“Sorry… I can’t”

“Why not? Please Mr. Mike please…?” He asked in a pleading tone.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t…”

“You know what? I got a feeling that you are afraid with me … until now you still don’t trust me? Nothing could happen if you are with me, ok?” He explained in an air of seriousness. “Why, don’t you trust this?” He flexed his right bicep and pointed it to me smiling.

“It’s not about that, Bader. It’s the people” I said pleadingly. “What will they say if they see me hitch-riding with you, sleeping with you, and returning back the following day, still with you? Can you stand the feeling having people give you a suspicious look?”

“Ah…” he nodded. “Well, first of all, I don’t care what the goddamn people say; second of all, if you consider me to be your friend, then you wouldn’t mind how the heck people look at you, would you? And third of all, remember this, it’s very rare that a Saudi would bring an expatriate to his home and introduce him to his family; it could happen only for reasons of great respect and pride, regardless of the judging eyes around… and I respect you and am proud of you, and I could just care less if people look at me contemptuously.”

“Ok, ok…. For your best-actor dialogue, I’ll go” I said, hit by his explanation and tired of his prodding, although I did not mean to take my word that seriously.

He was so happy.

On his way to the door, I accompanied him, as he arched his left arm into my shoulder pressing me tightly into his body. I didn’t know what suddenly came into my mind and I teased him saying, “Ops, you got a huge hard-on there!” glimpsing into his front.

He was surprised with my expression and probably trying to catch how I happened to notice it said, “Shit, I got… I don’t know how to stop it” staring me naughtily.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t look at me like, that Bader, I know what it means and I don’t do that!”

“Yeah, I know, but shit… I got to let it go or it kills me!” unzipping his fly, lightly shoved his pants and white shorts down, and released his huge cock right in front of my startled eyes.

I ran to lock the door lest somebody would suddenly knock or open it. “What are you doing?!” I said as I rushed back to my table trembling in astonishment.

That was the first time I saw a Saudi penis. His was about 8 inches, with a thickness of nearly 2-inch diameter evenly distributed from the base up, tight-knit skin, shaved pubic hair, and really rock-hard.

“Mr. Mike, just let me do it here, I can’t stand it, ahhhhhh!” hurriedly stroking his hard-on. Then he totally shoved down his pants and shorts to the floor and removed his upper uniform exposing his huge chest, biceps and sculpted abs, trembling, waggling his body right in front of my eyes, his right hand stroking his huge hard on; his left caressing up and down his chest and abs, and his eyes like he had a seizure, occasionally glimpsing me. He stayed in that position for about a minute. “Mike please come on here, I just want to hold you…”

“No way! Do your stuffs, as you wish and I have none of it!” I said firmly even though my mind screamed to come up and help him, remained glued there just fascinated by the sight of him showing off everything.

“Haaaah! Haaaah!” Then he reached for the trash can and squirted his semen on it, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

When he was done, he took the tissue, wiped his dick and put back on his clothes, and as if nothing had happened, went straight to the door, “Bye Mr. Mike! See you tomorrow!”

(To be continued)


Part 2:

Thursday came. My off duty was 1130am and just before that, Bader was already at the Training Room, ready to take me.

“What are you here for?” I asked playing innocent.

“You will come with me, right?”

“I thought that is still next Thursday!”

“A, ah! Stop playing with me Mr. Mike. It was very clear I told you the Thursday I meant was today, OK? And I don’t need any alibi.” He threatened.

So, I had no choice. “OK, wait for some minutes here. I will pack up some personal things and I got to have my papers cleared” because in my company, chance-riding in a non-official car carries with it personal responsibility just in case an accident or anything happens. So, my company should know where I would go, and with whose personal car I would ride with.

“And if you got a swimming trunk, bring one too, I’ll teach you how to swim!” Bader shouted as I hurried to my accommodation.

“Idiot! First of all, it’s winter, and second of all, I know how to swim!” I shouted back.

“Well, then third of all, I got a great nice hot-water pool in my farm, and fourth of all, the way I figure out, you swim like a frog, Kokak! Kokak! – hahahahaha!” mimicking a frog. He was damn happy.

After a few minutes, I returned bringing my knapsack. I hopped into his sports car, his first one, color white he bought second-hand from Bahrain. He started it, and accelerated to top speed instantly.

“God! What are you doing? Stop it Bader, Stop it or I will jump out!” I yelled.

“Hahahahaha! Sorry, I’m just joking, Mr. Mike... please don’t be angry” as he slowed down, too slowly that I could see even the slow-moving trucks and trailers overtaking us. He was a reckless driver and he knew I would be afraid when he drives his car recklessly.

I wanted to laugh and tease him with that speed as if we were in a funeral procession while the other overtaking commuters looked at him and then at his sports car wondering what could have gone wrong. But I just kept it to myself relishing some feeling of victory to have gotten what I wanted. “You force me to come with you, ok, give me what I want, let’s see!” I said to myself.

We parked at a nearby McDonalds, “We got to eat first, coz I’m sure you are already hungry” as he proceeded directly to the counter and ordered my favorite spaghetti and hamburger, and French fries for himself.

“Thank God, he understood I’m starving to death!” I murmured.

We proceeded, arrived at his place at about 3pm already. Bader’s house was big just a stone-throw away from the highway; a three-story building looking more like standing matchboxes, no enclosures, and with brown bricks festooned the facade.

When we reached the entrance, Bader left me as he went in and after some minutes, came back. “What happened?” I asked worried why he had to leave me there, with some people staring inquisitively probably their minds asking what I was doing in that place alone.

“In Saudi Arabia, any man should not know the name; much less see the face of a woman if she is not his sister or mother. You notice even in public, women cover their face and hair. So it applies even to visitors. I have to inform my sisters and mother that I have a visitor so they will go to their rooms or stay in the separate sitting room, keeping away from our paths, you understand?” He explained. “Ok, we can now proceed”

Bader went in first and I followed to the men’s sitting room just immediately adjacent to the entrance, took his shoes off, of which I also did. His father, about 50 something with shaved mustache was already there wearing a thobe – the white priest-like garment of middle-eastern people. He was sitting on the green carpet in front of a TV watching football, with legs crossed and a tea pot and little cups beside him. When he saw us, he stood up, “Welcome! Welcome!” as he shook my hand, pressed it to his chest, as a Middle Easterner’s gesture of respect.

I did the same. “Thank you, thank you!” I said as he offered me to sit down. Bader sat beside me, legs crossed. His father could not speak English so Bader had to translate to me everything he said. He asked me about my job, my family, and that he was happy I came to visit. I told him I felt the same, and it was my first time to visit a Saudi family. He offered me tea which I received with my right hand following the tea courtesy Bader had taught me earlier.

After nearly an hour his father asked to be excused as he had something to do. So, I was left there with Bader. “We’ll stay here; my brothers will arrive soon”.

After a few minutes, his brother appeared one by one. Bader and I stood up. “This is Amir, our eldest; Amir, this is Mike, my training instructor” said Bader in English as Amir, his 25-year older brother understood English. Amir was as tall and as good-looking.

“How are you, Mr. Mike!” Amir greeted. We shook hands; then he sat beside Bader.

Then followed by Yousef, his 23-year second older brother, much bigger having won a body-building competition and equally good-looking; but could understand only a little English. “How are you, Mr. Mike!” as he grasped my hand strongly almost breaking my fingers.

“Ouch!” I blurted.

“Hahahahaha!” he laughed winking his eyes, and sat beside Amir.

Then followed Ali, his 19 year-old younger brother, followed by Hussein, 17, then by Jassim, 14, and then Abbas, 12, and Habib, 10 following the same courtesies. All in all, they were eight brothers, all fair-skinned, clean-shaven faces and damn good-looking.

“So how many sisters do you have?” I asked. There are seven sisters, so that makes us all 15.” Bader explained.

“Wow!” I said in astonishment “with one mother?” I added.


All his brothers talked with me for about half an hour with Bader and Amir serving as translators. Then they left when their cousins and a few young nephews arrived who, I think were 20 or more in all ranging from 18 to as young as 8. Some stayed curious egging on Bader about me and if I was Filipino, Chinese or Japanese.

Later came about seven of his friends and again there were the introduction, the handshakes, the translations. His friends were about to leave after a few minutes when Bader asked one friend to stay behind.

He was Hassan, a 15 year-old attractive guy, medium built and about 5 feet 6 inches tall. They talked Arabic, teased each other, and I could not figure out what they were talking. I just looked at them as Hassan would look at me and Bader would laugh saying, “This guy is ‘tarantado’ (befuddled)” using the tagalog word he learned from some Filipino workmates.

“Why, what did he say?” I asked curiously.

“He said he likes you!”

“Hahahahaha!” I laughed “Really, for what?”

“For something, you know...” Bader stopped, sensing I would already understand.

It was past 7pm when Hassan left and Bader asked me to pick up my things, carry my shoes, and follow him. First, he asked me to stay put as he went ahead to survey the stairs and into the second floor. Then he motioned me to follow which I obliged immediately. We went up the second floor and after he opened the door just immediately opposite the stairs, we went in; he turned on the light and hurriedly closed the door. We were like two soldiers sneaking in inside an enemy territory.

The room was spacious like 7 square meters with a blue carpet and avocado-green wall. Opposite the door were a mini-gym machine and some workout gadgets; on the left-most edge was his bed and on the opposite corner was a TV set with VHS and VCD players and some tapes and CDs on the rack below. On the ceiling was a chandelier equipped with a dimmer. The room was kempt and I thought he must have prepared it.

“Welcome to my world, Mr. Michael Juha!” He greeted me with a big grin on his face.

“This is your room?” I asked in appreciation “Very nice!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah. This is where I do my workout”, pointing to the mini-gym; “this is where I study”, pointing to the table beside the TV set illustrating to me his routine, “...and here is where I jerk myself off!” he added laughing loudly pointing to the bed.

“You are stupid and tarantado!” I said teasing.

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door. It was Abbas and Habib, Bader’s two youngest brothers bringing khabsa, an Arabic rice cooked with meat in two big plates, and some apples, oranges, salad and juice and water in two glass pitchers. Bader met them; put the items on the carpeted floor and the two boys left. It was like we were in a hotel with the room service.

“It’s dinner time!” Bader exclaimed. “Anything more you want? A, yeah, the spoon and fork!” running down to get them. Normally, Saudis eat on the floor and with their bare hands. So Bader thought I could not eat without a spoon.

After dinner, Bader said, “We will go to our farm and if you have brought your swimming trunk, we will have a swimming there.”

“Are you serious?! No, I did not because I thought you were kidding and besides, I can’t stand the cold temperature! It’s less than 10 centigrade Bader, do you realize that?”

“Trust me. I’ll bring an extra trunk for you”. Although Bader was huge and tall and I was only 5’4, we had the same waistline at 29 inches.

“It’s up to you, but don’t force me if I don’t come near the water.”

Bader’s farm was only a five-minute ride from his home. It was about five hectares planted with dates and other fruit trees I could not remember as he told me. It was dark so I could not see its surroundings. Situated adjacent to a road was a cabin; beside it was a pool in a concrete enclosure.

First, he showed me the inside of the cabin, turned on the light, and deposited our things as he immediately removed all his clothes in front of me without any hesitation. I was again startled especially when I saw his huge hard-on and what he might do where there were only the two of us in his place. It was the first time I had a close look at his body; so firm with bulging bicep and upper-body muscles, his chest was full of babyish black hairs aligning tidily like a watercourse from the curve of his chest into the midsection and down to his six-pack abs, into his navel, and into his completely-shaven pubic hairs. On the sides of his waist I could see his firm oblique muscles. His skin was flawless. He was Adonis.

“Hey, will you just be staring at me there? Come on, remove your clothes!”

I was damn nervous I did not know what to do. “I got to pee!” I said giving him alibi.

So I turned my back and went out of the cabin. I felt like going back home right there and then and my head screamed, “What are you doing in that place, idiot!!!”

Suddenly, Bader rushed towards the pool completely naked and jumped in shouting, “Eyaaahooooo!!!!” then a big splash. “Mike, come on over here!”

I followed to the pool. It was as big as Bader’s room and the deepest part was only leveled at Bader’s neck. The water looked pristine I could see the blue-and-white marble tiles at the bottom. I tested the water with my hand surprised at why Bader did not feel the winter cold. It was so warm and tempting.

“This comes from a natural hot water source, about two kilometers from here. This is the same water that supports all the surrounding farms.” He explained. “So what are you waiting for? Remove your clothes now and join me! Come on!”

I rushed back to the cabin, removed all my clothes and wore Bader’s swimming trunk. It was just fit for me. Then I rushed back to the pool, trembling in the chilling wind. Bader noticed his trunk that I wore and said, “Shitttt! I’m envious with that trunk now”

“Why?” I asked, still standing at the edge of the pool chilling.

“Because while it already held my dick; now it feels your dick too and your balls, and your butt, and your asshole! Hahahahahaha!” He shouted.

“Tarantado!” I shouted back as I dived down into the pool, “Oooppps!” The water was so soothing with the cold wind up and its warmth in my body. When I surfaced, there was Bader right in front of my eyes playfully charging me to one corner of the pool, both hand extended as if he would catch a chicken.

“Ops, what are you doing?” as I slowly moved backward to the corner while Bader slowly advanced.

“Nothing... I just want to play games with you”. He caught my hands, dragged them to the back of his waist. His facial expression turned serious and his eyes transfixed on me, pulled me closer to his body. I felt his hard-on intentionally brushed into my stomach, his huge muscular body shoved into my chest, as he looked pleadingly straight into my eyes and slowly drawing his lips into my mouth.

“Bader, what are you doing!” I jerked my head to avoid contact with his eyes while he kept holding my hands into the back of his waist.

“Mike, I like you... and I think you know that. I can’t stand it anymore, please...” he murmured mounting his mouth into my ears.

“O, God... you had planned for this, right?! I can’t believe this!” I shouted as a tingling sensation crept all over my body. Then I felt my cock hardened pushing into Bader’s hairy legs as his legs rubbed it in return.

“Please Mike, please... just a kiss and that’s all” as he finally pressed his lips into mine. I let him, and carried away, I kissed him back. He finally released my hand, and we hugged tightly together. We played our tongues like two famished people starving for each other; then he run his lips and tongue into my face, tickled my ears, down to my neck, to my nipples... sucked them. His mouth stayed there for a long time.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I moaned as he guided my hand into his huge hard cock and I stroke it. He stroke mine too until our moans got stronger and stronger, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!” and we reached the summit together as our semen squirted together into the water.

Then he stroked my hair and pressed his lips into my mouth again still gasping for breath and said, “Thank you, Mike.... thank you!”

(To be continued)


Part 3:

After we were through at the pool, we went back to the cabin, changed our clothes, put on our jackets without saying any word. Bader sat in one corner, turned on the TV and watched the news. I sat on the opposite side looking aimlessly at the TV set, not understanding anything. My mind flew in disbelief about the things that just happened at the pool, feeling some sense of devastation for my conviction not to do stupid things in Saudi. “Why did I accept Bader’s invitation?” I asked myself releasing a sigh of regret.

A few minutes and Bader stood up, “Tired? I’ll tour you around my place; then stay with some friends at the corniche area and head home to sleep” he spoke in an air of authority.


It was nearly 12 midnight but the roads were still full of traffic and I could see mostly teenagers running their cars with friends. One thing that amazed me was that most of them wore jeans and shirts, unlike in some areas where the traditional thobes were mostly used.

“On Thursdays, people here almost don’t sleep coz the following day, Friday, is a weekend. So everyone takes time out to enjoy!” Bader explained.

We parked at the corniche. Bader said it was the most popular spot in his place to congregate for mostly male friends – teenagers or men in their twenties, doing picnic, race cars or motorbikes or just enjoy the fresh air. The corniche was like the famous “Baywalk” along the Roxas Boulevard in Manila; except that there were no bars, no stores, no playing band; just plain spacious path-walks with huge parking areas plus some concrete benches and shades, couples of dates trees, vending machines, a handful of stores and mosques dotted the whole length of about a few kilometers.

After some minutes of walking, Bader met a group of his friends, mostly teenagers, some he shook hands, hugged, kissed on both cheeks, or rub his nose with, their traditional man-to-man, good-friends greetings. Then I was introduced to the group, shook our hands.

We stayed there for about an hour; Bader talked with his friends while I was in one corner with his other friends who were eager to brush up on with their English with me, “How do you do!” “Where are you from?” “What is your name?” “How old are you?” “Do you know where the market is?” They were equally accommodating and friendly they would try hard to talk in broken English. If still I could not get what they meant they would burst into laughter realizing that they too were unsure of what they were saying. Then they would gesticulate until I either got the message or they would frustratingly give up.

Suddenly, Hassan, Bader’s friend whom I met earlier appeared. He looked so attractive with his black, clean-cut curly hair, body-fit black shirt and straight-cut faded jeans showing off his well-built body. Bader kissed him on the cheek and rubbed their noses. After a couple minutes of discussion, they approached me, “Hassan will come with us; he will stay in my house and sleep there.” Bader explained to me.

“Whatever you say” I said wondering why Hassan should sleep in his house. I just thought that maybe, it’s what they have been doing.

It was already past 1230am when we head home to Bader’s house with Hassan. We passed by a restaurant and Bader ordered soft drinks, bread, and shwarma, a grilled meat rolled in an unleavened bread with tomato, lettuce, sauce, mayonnaise, and fries.

We got inside Bader’s room. Hassan and I sat on the edge of the bed with me; Bader on the chair by his study table. Bader tossed the packed shwarma each to me and Hassan. We ate, as Bader turned on the TV set, switch-hopping until he found a football match. Both of them were glued to the monitor while I stayed there figuring out what’s the plan and what could happen.

After we had eaten, Bader took a VHS tape and played it, I sat on the carpet leaning on the wall to take a comfortable angle while Bader turned to sit on the midsection of the bed beside Hassan, both leaning on the wall.

The movie rolled. There was this beautiful sexy girl standing in one corner of the room completely naked playing her boobs and occasionally lifting them close to her mouth to lick its nipples, giving a nasty look at the bare-chested guy in a boxer’s shorts laying flat on the bed with both hands tied to the overhead railings. The guy’s eyes were transfixed on the playing girl and when the girl finally rubbed her organ, the guy swung his body appearing like he wanted to let loose of something. The girl continued to play herself, eyes occasionally closed and moaning as the guy tried to force himself to untangle; the front of his boxers short swollen of his hard-on. The girl bent over to let the guy lick her nipples and then withdrew, then again, and again. The teasing went for sometime. Then the girl sat on the face of the guy, legs spread; he licked and played his tongue on the girl’s cunt as she bent over to playfully touch her mouth on the guy’s swollen boxer shorts, without letting it loose. She ran her lips over the guy’s sculpted abs, to his navel and back to his bulge, and then to his upper legs and in between them, as the guy continued to lick her, her moans getting stronger and stronger while he heaved his hard-on on her face wildly, wet mark on the huge bulge of his boxer’s short.

I was totally concentrated with the movie that I did not realize I already had a hard-on. I tried to conceal it drawing my knees to my stomach when in the corner I spotted Hassan’s head was on Bader’s lap appearing like he was doing a blow job on him! I was stupefied I thought my mind played tricks on me. Bader was silent and looked like nothing happened, his right hand clutching the back of Hassan’s head guiding its up-and-down motion while his eyes transfixed on the screen. But I played innocent pretending I was unaware of what they were doing, occasionally stealing a glance at them.

My heart throbbed in a mixture of excitement, lust and fear. I felt my flesh trembled and my body edgy. For the first time in my life, I saw two guys so masculine and so good-looking doing it just in front of my face. I felt a wild craving inside; the bulge on my brief was wet. But I told myself never to intervene.

I directed my eyes back to the screen. Another guy came into the room, bare-chested and muscled and upon seeing the two in that position went straight to kiss the girl on the lips just above the other guy’s swollen shorts. They were playing their tongues for a couple of minutes and suddenly, the second guy released the hard-on of the first guy and put it inside his mouth. The first guy moaned strongly. Then the second guy stroked his own as he continued sucking the other guy; the first guy licking the girl. Their moans filled the room.

To my surprise, Hassan suddenly sat beside me. I gave Bader an inquisitive look at what happened. He winked and nodded. So I just stayed put hesitating for what could happen. I pretended to ignore Hassan and directed my eyes to the monitor. Hassan placed his left hand on my lap and gently massaged that portion. I stayed motionless pretending I never felt anything. Then he ran his fingers into my hard-on. I stretched my legs as he opened my fly and released my staff. He put it into his mouth... “Ahhhhh!” I moaned as Hassan moved his head up and down.

Suddenly, Bader removed his upper shirt and jeans, joined us. He did not wear any brief. Kneeling, he shoved Hassan’s pants down, pulled him into all fours and mounted himself at Hassan’s back as Hassan, bending over, continued to suck me. I could not anymore see the TV monitor as Bader was there in front of my face. Bader spitted on his palm, rubbed it on his organ and inched himself inside Hassan. Hassan bit his lips in pain but continued to stroke himself. I kneeled up, as Bader tried to reach his head into my mouth and kissed me. We kissed for a few minutes, then Hassan pulled his head up, run his lips on my chest, neck as I stroke myself. When Bader intensified his pounding, our moans got more intense and loud until we reached the climax together, lay flat on the carpeted floor gasping for breath.

When I glanced at the TV monitor, the movie continuedl; the first guy inserting his hard-on into the girl straight on a prone position while she lay on her back; legs straight up and locked up in between the guy’s bracing arms. Then the second guy entered the first guy from the back, running his mouth into the backside of his neck, shoulders as the first guy turned his head to reach for his mouth. They continued to kiss, their bodies in backward-forward motion until all three reached the summit almost at the same time shooting and rubbing their semen on their flesh. The movie just continued to play non-stop with the next films I could not anymore remember.

After a few minutes, Bader, Hassan and I did it again in reverse positions as I entered Hassan and Hassan’s mouth was on Bader’s. We did it a few more times over.

It was 9 in the morning when I woke up. The room smelled of a mixture of sperm and sweat, tissues scattered, and the room like a tornado hit it. My mind couldn’t still believe what had happened. There was guilt, fear and a feeling of pleasure. I looked at Hassan and Bader. They still lay side by side on the carpeted floor completely naked. Then I reached for my clothes, put them on, cleared the mess on the carpet when Bader muttered, “Mike, come here, hmmmm” stretching his arms. ”Ahmmmm! Are you ok?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing, come here, lay beside me; I got something to tell you!”

I lay beside Bader, who arched his right leg around my thigh; his arm around my chest, pushed himself closer with his mouth mounted into my right ear, his lips touching it. “Mike, sorry for everything that happened. I hope there is no problem with you.” He explained.

“No, I am just stupefied in disbelief of what happened. I’ve been in my job for three long years and never experienced anything like this. And now, here I am with you – in a threesome!”

“It’s ok, Mike... you can trust me; you can trust Hassan. This is our little secret.” kissing me again clutching his hard-on. I unzipped my fly; he inserted his hand into my brief and he stroked me too until we both reached the peak.

Later, Hassan awoke and asked to be excused as his parents were expecting him for lunch. Bader escorted him out, first checking if there were female family members in the way and then signaling Hassan to come down.

When Bader and I were left alone, he asked hesitatingly, “Mike, how about if I will court you, will you take me as your... boyfriend?”

“Hahahahaha! Tarantado!” I laughed in disbelief he could say that. “You are kidding, right?”

“Of course not! Is there anything in my face that tells you I’m joking? I’m serious, Mike, I love you! So, what do you say?”

“Well, all I can say is that it’s idiotic. How can you love someone and then there is another guy beside you sucking your hard-on!” I said alluding to Hassan.

“Well, first of all, Hassan is my friend, a distant relative; nothing more. Friends do crazy things, right? Second of all, Hassan was the one who insisted to come because he likes you. It’s you whom he likes Mike; not me. Is it clear now?”

“So, you permitted him to come, and you did not even ask for my stupid opinion if I liked it in spite of the fact that I was the reason for his coming, is that it?” I said a little annoyed.

Ok, ok, I’m sorry. But I did that because I did not know how to explain all these to you, and thinking that nothing was wrong. Was there any problem? Did Hassan piss you off? No! He did not do anything wrong, Mike? And I thought everything was just ok!”

“It’s not about it, Bader. I just want that for anything that concerns me, I should be informed. I should know the plan”

“Ok, I understand now... sorry for that”

“Another thing, you said Hassan is your friend, is it part of your friendship to screw each other up?”

“Tarantado! Don’t speak like that. You are changing the topic... Hassan is my friend and nothing more. And I respect Hassan for everything. He is a good guy and I don’t want you to talk about him on his back; talk to him straight on the face when he’s here, ok?” Bader said a little pissed off.

I did not say any more word. Later, the door knocked and Bader hurriedly searched for his shirt and put it on, then his pants, no underwear. He shouted looking at the door, “Whose there!”

Somebody shouted back in Arabic I could not understand. He opened the door and there were his two youngest brothers again bringing in some food, water, and juice.

“It’s lunch time!” Bader shouted in excitement. “My Mom cooked this for us!” He said proudly.

After our lunch, his brothers again met me, talked for a while. Then Bader toured me around the neighborhood, his right arm arched into my shoulder as we walked. “This is our gym,” as we entered the place with a few Saudis doing workouts. Bader greeted them; introduced me. Then he showed me the volleyball, basketball and the football courts, and the nearby park introducing me to every friend we would meet.

In the afternoon, we went to his farm. His father was there, talking to me in Arabic as Bader served as interpreter. Then he invited me and Bader into the cabin for a tea. Later, Bader showed me the pool where we bathed the previous night.

I was moved at how Bader had treated me; there was no apprehension or feeling of humiliation on his part having to walk around his neighborhood showing me everything, with his hand arching on me, introducing me to his Saudi friends who all knew I stayed there overnight; and how his family had accepted me and treated me like a special guest. Never had I known of a Saudi who would go that far. I knew that for Bader, it was not an easy thing to do; for a conservative society, it was an awkward phenomenon. But Bader seemed proud, unmindful of what people would say or had in mind.

(To be continued)


Part 4:

That experience when Bader brought me to his family just stuck to my mind – the threesome, the revelation that he loved me, and the warmth and thoughtfulness shown by Bader and his family during that visit. I could not concentrate with my job well, and every bit of those episodes just flashed back to my mind. I could not figure out what exactly happened to me; to consider that I just got married at that time and my wife was on the family way. I was bothered, and I did not even know why these things kept coming back.

After the following training session, Bader stayed behind with me as usual. He noticed I was absent-minded, and sometimes in a deep thought.

"Hmmm, I smell something here. Is this about your wife, or about me? I think you love me already, hahahahaha!" Bader said teasing, as if he knew what's deep down bothering me.

"Tarantado! Idiot!"

Bader just smiled, turned to the magazine rack in one corner of the room, came back in front of my desk, sat on the chair reading the magazine; I proceeded with my computer works pretending that things were ok with me. But deep down I was stupefied. And no matter what I did to keep Bader out of my mind, the thought of him just prevailed.

Suddenly, as if by some compulsion, words came out from my mouth, "Bader, I love you!"

I was shocked by what I just said. I looked secretly at Bader's face for what reaction it could give him. But he just played innocent like he never heard anything. Something touched my ego, so I covered up singing, "I love you; I love you…stupid! La-la-rin-la-rin…" hoping he wouldn't think that the "I love you" was for him.

Bader put down the magazine on my table, looked at me, "Oops I already heard it. You said, 'Bader, I love you'" mimicking how I said it. "So, you love me? Good!" taking back the magazine and continued to read like nothing surprising happened.

I was furious upon hearing his answer. But I kept it to myself although my facial expression showed it. I stomped my feet in an air of protest, "Only good, ha?" expecting he would answer "I love you too!"

But Bader instead answered sarcastically, "OK then, Very Good!" and still continued with his reading.

Probably, it was Bader's way of really confirming if I was serious with what he heard from me. Upon noticing that I was peeved, Bader stood up, went straight to my back, slid himself down from the back of my chair and sat there inserting himself with me, wrapped his arms around my belly, with his mouth on my left ear saying, "Of course I love you, Mike; I really do. And I'm sooooo happy you said it" and kissed my cheek.

My anger melted, and as I turned my head, he pressed his lips into mine. We stayed in that position for a few minutes. Later, he held my shirt and removed it and he ran down his lips into my chest, into my nipples and sucked them. Until we finally removed every coverings of our body and made love like we never did before.

Before leaving the training room, he stood by the doorway, motioned me to approach him, "So you are my boyfriend now, ok?" asking me in a commanding tone confirming our status.

I just looked at him and nodded. Then he left leaving me still bewildered in disbelief of the things that had just unfolded. There was a feeling of extreme happiness, excitement and at the same time guilt of having betrayed my wife and coming baby. I was terribly confused I did not know whether to laugh in complete happiness or to bang my head against the wall and cry in self-compunction. I knew that getting into a relationship with Bader was wrong and my mind blamed me for everything. But something in me celebrated too; and that feeling was overwhelmingly compelling. "Anyway, my wife is there and this relationship with Bader is simply ephemeral. Besides, no one would know it" I justified. That was how my relationship with Bader started.

Since then, we would go together if we both got the time on Fridays – to the beach swimming, to his farm, the market, the cornice, in the middle of the desert camping or outing with friends but mostly, with only the two of us. I know that all his Saudi friends suspected that something was between us. But he was never bothered and in fact, I could feel that he was even proud of it. And his friends respected our status like it was just one of those common things among them. For that, the more I admired Bader.

One time when I arrived from my Riyadh Trip, Bader hadn't still showed up at the bus station to drive me back to my accommodation. It was already 11 in the evening and I was there waiting for almost two hours already. It was cold, a little windy and as usual, some huge-stature mustached sex vultures and taxi drivers hovered around prodding me to come with them in their cars. I was alone in the middle of the night and in a place I didn't even know where in the map it was located. It made me jitter.

I kept phoning Bader on his mobile but he had no signal. So finally, I phoned in his house and his elder brother, Yousef the body-builder answered and told me in broken English that Bader had already left more than two hours ago and that he didn't know where he went.

"I've been waiting here at the Bus Station for already 2 hours, Yousef and still Bader hasn't arrived. I am afraid! I don't know how to get back to my accommodation!" I told pleading in broken Arabic.

"OK, don't worry Mr. Mike, I'm coming!" Yousef assured me to my great relief.

After thirty minutes, Yousef arrived and approached me. He wore white jogging pants with green side stripes, a fit white undershirt, and brown jacket. On his head was a bonnet that matched his jacket. Like Bader, he appeared commanding in his nearly 6-foot height and huge muscular built. He looked gorgeous.

"How are you? You, ok?" He said after seeing my worried and terrified face.

"Yeah, I am now, shukran (thank you) for coming!"

"No problem, Mr. Mike. Come, follow me!" as I trailed him into the parking area, just beside the road.

While the car was running, I felt a sense of security and gratitude that at last, I would be able to come back to my accommodation. But at the backseat of my mind, there was anger and a feeling of suspicion. My mind kept asking what happened to Bader and where he went, who was with him and why he left me at the station waiting for him for two hours.

I was in that state of introspection when suddenly I felt Yousef's hand on my lap, caressing it. I was a little surprised and I glanced at him. He looked straight forward as if in serious concentration of driving, his faced showed no emotion. Then he said, "Are you ok? No problem?" still looking straight ahead.

"Yeah, I'm fine but I'm thinking of what must have happened to Bader. Where is he now and who is with him?" his hands still on my lap gently massaging it.

"Don't worry about Bader, he's fine. Maybe he just forgot, or there was important thing he had to do."

"He forgot me? God! Didn't he know I could have been murdered there, or raped or something just waiting for him?" I said in a raised tone.

"Ok, ok, don't be angry. Bader did not forget you, ok? Something must be wrong" taking his hand off my lap and dropped it into the steering wheel.

"Thank you Yousef for saving me" I said looking into his face.

He looked at me, smiled and said, "No problem Mr. Mike, I'm here all the time" patting my lap with his hand again.

I smiled back. It's was the first time I had a close look at Yousef. He looked exactly like Bader that one wouldn't know the difference except for his larger physique being a certified and awarded body-builder.

We were already in the middle of the desert highway when he pulled over the car saying, "I'd like to pee!" He went out while I stayed inside waiting for him. When he was done, he faced me still his right hand shaking his dick as if no one was watching him; then pulled up his gartered jogging pants to hide it.

I did not give any malice with what he did but when he got back into the car, he again placed his right hand into my lap, faced me and said, "I like you, Mr. Mike. Since when I saw you, I knew I liked you…and I am jealous of Bader for having you as his friend" he said in English I could hardly understand.

"Yousef, I am afraid now… I don't like this, OK? If I tell this to Bader, he will be angry with you!"

"No, no, no, no! Don't tell this to Bader, and I won't say anything, promise. But please, Mr. Mike, I want it now, please?" he said with his eyes pleading. Then he shoved his jogging pants to reveal his hard on. It was as huge as Bader's I couldn't even tell the difference.

Still I did not move; my eyes focused straight ahead, my mind yelling on why these things should come my way.

So he stroked his hard on, hesitatingly held my hand and guided it into his huge, bulging chest. I had no choice thinking that even if I would refuse and he will force it on me, he could easily do it with probably more painful and harsh repercussions. "At least", I said to myself, "I could do what he wants the easy way."

So without saying any word, I caressed and pressed his chest. He removed his jacket and undershirt, placed his hand on my head and guided my mouth to lick his chest and nipples.

As I was playing my tongue on his chest, I felt a tingling feeling creeping all over my whole system. I felt some kind of an inner stimulation seeing him stroking his huge hard on and his extremely masculine built. So I licked his chest and nipples harder; played my tongue on them, occasionally biting. I stayed in that position for a minute. Then his hand moved to unzip me and released my hard on. He removed my shirt and kissed my mouth then down to my chest, my nipples, licking, biting them as we both stroked each other's shaft. A few more minutes and our moans got stronger and stronger "Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh!" and our stroking went faster and faster until we reached the climax together, splattering our semen all over the place.

We cleaned up. And when everything was in place again, Yousef held my face and said gratefully, "Thank you Mr. Mike!" kissing me on the lips.

Then he started the car again and we proceeded...

(To be continued)


Part 5:

The next day came and still Bader had not showed up. My suspicion turned into worry. Normally, he would call me up in the evening to check if I was in my room, who was with me, what I was doing, or if had already taken my dinner. Then he would tell me to go to bed. Bader was a jealous type, a typical Saudi; his day wouldn't just be complete without knowing my activities for the whole day. But at that evening, there was no trace of him.

The next day Bader came to the training room. "Mike, sorry for the other night, I was unable to pick you up…"

"It's ok but, you see, I was waiting there for two long and terrifying hours wondering what on earth had happened, and whether I would stay there until the end of the world! You have no idea how terrified I was I could have died there of anxiety!" I said in an air of irony and to make him feel guilty.

"Ok, Ok, I'm sorry! But listen... do you know what happened on my way to pick you up? Police had caught me and jailed me!"

"What? Why?" I said a little surprised.

"I was over-speeding and I beat the red traffic light. I had to pay 900 Riyals but I had not enough money with me. So I was detained for 24 hours. They released me only when my Dad came to the station and paid the penalty."

"It's how strict they are with that violation?"

"Yes! And they won't mind locking you up in jail for months until someone comes up to pay the penalty."

"But what happened to your phone? I kept calling you and it says you can't be reached?"

"I lost it; I don’t know where that damn phone is!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Bader…" as I extended my arms to hug him, realizing his predicament.

But he ignored it and in an air of suspicion asked "Who drove you back to the accommodation?"

I was surprised by his question. But I answered hesitatingly "Yousef. I've been calling you in your mobile but there was no answer. So I phoned in your house and he was there. I pleaded for him to come."

Bader's facial expression turned somewhat angry. He looked into my eyes and said, "Nothing happened?"

I became a little edgy with his line of questioning. "Nothing happened what?" I said playing innocent.

"You know what I mean, Mike you know what I mean. And stop playing innocent!" raising his voice.

"Nothing happened, ok?" I said raising my voice and turning around and sat on my chair. "And he is your brother, you are suspicious of him?" I asked back.

"Yeah, he's my brother, and I know him! He likes you and he's always asking about you! So, nothing really happened?" he repeated.

"Nothing, ok?! Why don't you ask your brother instead? Call him if you don't trust me."

"Ok, if nothing happened, say it straight to my eyes, and I will know it!"

It's Bader's way of finding the truth. He claimed he could tell if a person is lying by simply looking into his eyes. So thinking that he really could tell, and for fear of getting caught, I went straight to the door and locked it, turned off the lights. Then I unbuttoned my shirt, threw it on the floor, "OK, you want to check my damn eyes…" unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants, pushing it down together with my brief and stood there completely naked in front of him, "Well, then check my entire body, not only my stupid eyes to find out if something happened between me and your brother!" I said with the intention of distorting what was on his mind.

His eyes swelled in amazement, and with a big grin on his face said, "Cool, nice technique!" as he hurriedly removed his shirt, unzipped his pants dropping them all on the floor, stood there in front of me completely naked and his swollen front revealed.

"Bader! I said check; not remove your clothes!" I shouted controlling myself from bursting into laughter.

"Well, you can check my body too if you want; this is yours. Besides, it's always nice to check someone's body if you are naked, hahahaha!"

"Tarantado!" I was about to pick up my clothes and put them back on when suddenly, Bader rushed and charged me to the wall, his hands pinning mine above my head facing him. I could not move as he was so strong, his full force pressing my back hard on the wall. But I was able to untangle myself and ran. He followed and we kept outrunning each other inside the room like two innocent playful kids, unmindful of the world around.

Finally, he managed to corner me, hugged me tight. I could not break out from his grip owing to tiredness from running and his overpowering strength. So I stayed put and let him do what he wanted – kissed me on the lips, ran his mouth into my neck and chest, sucked my nipples without releasing my hands, our hard-on pushed against each other… until we both reached orgasm.

After we were done and dressed up, I went back to my seat without saying any word. He followed, sat by the seat, front of my desk, then silence.

I chanced upon some pictures of me and my four best friend co-employees. It was taken a year earlier in one of the cave formations in Al-Hassa. Bader took one picture, looked at it and suddenly, he asked, "These are your friends?"

"Yes, my best friends. Why?" I asked feeling surprised.

"And they come to your room too?"

"Sometimes, yeah!"

"Shittt! I know now that you are doing it with others too! You are a liar!" He shouted looking straight into my eyes, pointing his finger on me in anger.

I was dumbfounded with his reaction. I could sense some jealousy but I could not figure out in what sense. "Hey, hey, hey, I don't understand what you are talking about! Can you explain?"

"These are your best friends ha? Shit! The two guys in this picture, I screwed them up!" identifying them with his finger "This, and this! So now I know you are doing it with others too!"

"What?! I don't believe you, all my friends are straight!"

"Hahahahaha! Straight? Your face!" Bader laughed sarcastically. "You don't know they like my dick?"

I was devastated and shocked. First, I just found out that that Bader was not after all faithful with me; and second, I could hardly believe my friends could really do that.

The friends he mentioned were Carlo and Rodney. Carlo, 24 was a married man with his wife on the family way while Rodney, 23 was equally masculine and would always talk about women and all those stuffs whenever we are in the group, I even thought he was homophobic coz he would react negatively whenever we come across same-sex topic. How could I believe the two of them would capitulate to Bader? It was just beyond belief.

"You did these together at the same time and while we were already on?"

"On different occasions and yeah, we're already on." Bader confessed.

"Why did you do this to me, Bader, why?" I blamed him, my heart seemingly to explode in anger and feeling of betrayal.

"It's not my fault, ok? Why should I refuse if something is offered to me? I should be the one to be jealous because you are always with them and I don't know what you are doing every time you are together! But just forget these things, Ok, because if you talk to them you will expose yourself… and our relation. So, think carefully before making any decision. I want to respect the privacy of these people as much as we do with each other." Bader said like he was regretful for divulging those secrets.

"Where did this happen?"

"Inside the site, of course, during night shift and no one was in the stock yard toilet. We chanced upon each other there and that's it! You still want to know the details?" he answered a little peeved of my inquisitiveness.

Bader was right. I've analyzed that if I will confront my friends about it, they will know our relations. "Besides, I knew it was not their intention to hurt me; only that they were probably tempted…" My mind reasoned. "Ok, I won't talk to them." I said with a heavy heart, "But on the condition that you will not do it anymore with them coz I tell you the truth, I don't do it with these friends either. Our friendship is clean and if you would believe otherwise, it's not my fault anymore."

"Ok…" he nodded; his mind still clouded with doubt.

Few days had passed and still that incident failed to clear up from my mind. I could not sleep well, I could not concentrate. Whenever I would meet these two friends, I felt my heart was ripped apart and something in me would shout "Traitor!" And since that disclosure, I never looked at them in the same way again. I considered them to be two wolves dressed up in a lamb's skin acting like no one knew the skeletons inside their closets. I wanted to freak out and shout to their ears, "I know what you did last summer!" alluding to that movie. But I couldn't, owing to what Bader and I agreed and thinking of its negative repercussions.

One day, I decided to insert a note into Carlo's room saying, "Buddy if you have done something which in your conscience is not right please don't do it again." hoping that such a note would stir his imagination and at least cause him to confide to me something.

I observed.

But few days passed and he played hard-to-get, totally ignoring my note, although I had observed him to be sometimes in deep thought and in contemplation. "Maybe, what I wrote bothered him and his disregard for it meant that he was guilty" I said to myself.

After a few more days, Carlo came to my room. Upon getting in he said, "Buddy, I would like to talk with you".

"Yes, what is it?" as if I did not know what it could lead to.

He paused for a while and gathering his whole strength he said, "There is this Saudi, good-built, good-looking; I think his name is Bader. I saw you rode in his car one time. Had something happened between you and him?"

I was surprised by his question I thought it should be the other way – him telling me something which happened between the two of them. But I answered "First of all, he is under me in the training, and second, he is only a friend I requested to drop me down town." wondering what he would say next.

"Buddy, I think we should talk heart-to-heart and be honest here. I need you to tell me straightforwardly, considering that it was you who opened this up in your note to me…" He said in a poignant voice and sensing that there was an air of cover-up in my answer. "Is there something between you and Bader?" he repeated.

I was taken aback and a little uneasy of the seriousness of his tone. I thought for a while and keeping in mind that if I were to clear things out with my best friend, then I should also tell the truth on my side. "Yes, we do have a relation…" I said in a serious tone, looking him straight in the eyes, and observing his reaction.

Carlo looked stunned, almost like crying; stooped holding his head with his right hand and nodded, "Arghh!" he exclaimed controlling the burst of his emotion, his tears flowed down from his eyes.

"Why, what's the matter?" I was surprised to see him reacting that way.

"Buddy, I admit something happened with me and Bader… and he courted me!"

"What?!!" I exclaimed stunned about what I heard. I felt a surge of anger and feeling of self-pity crept over me. The thought that Bader suggested for me not to talk to any of my two friends connected instantly with what Carlo just said. "Could this be the reason why Bader wanted to close this matter and forget all about this?" The more my mind was troubled. I felt everyone betrayed me and I did not know who to believe in.

"Yeah, it happened three times, and he kept saying he would want us to be in a relation".

"And what did you say?"

"I did not say anything. I just laughed at him every time he would say it."

"What about you, what do you feel about him?"

"I don't know… I always think about what we did. But thanks I know your situation now; this way I will avoid him the next time our paths cross."

"Are you sure you are ok?"

"Yeah… and regarding your relationship with him, don't worry, I understand it; what we shared remain to be our secret.

I couldn't explain how I really felt after I talked with Carlo. There was sense of release and satisfaction to have told him about my status with Bader; but at the same time, anger and a feeling of betrayal overwhelmed me.

(To be continued)


Part 6:

The thought of what Carlo had revealed to me just would not go away. I was full of anger and feeling of betrayal. So when Bader and I were again together at the Training Room, I did not show him a good frame of mind. I did not greet him nor say anything even if he knew that I knew he was there.

"Hey, Tarantado! What's the problem? Why is your face so ugly today?" Bader greeted me with his usual naughty greeting alluding to my sulking face.

Such a line of language is our unique way of making fun of each other. Sometimes when we talk over the phone I would tell him "You are a big Tarantado!" He would answer, "Oh, thank you, I like it, fuck you!" and I would answer back, "Fuck me... really? When?" Then we would both burst into laughter with him saying, "O, you are the number one Tarantado in the world! That's why I love you!"

But at that time I did not say anything, not even turned to look at him. Deep down, my heart wanted to scream or hit something just to show him I was damn furious. And all I could do was to continue ignoring him, doing my stuffs and pretending I was busy.

"Hey… is there any problem?" Bader said seriously becoming aware of my mood, his hand patting my back.

Still I did not say anything.

He sat in a corner reading something observing what the heck happened to me. Pissed off after a few minutes sensing I would not really speak, he sat on the seat front of my table, held my chin with his hand and turned it straight into his face. "You don't really want to say anything? Ok, let's play games!" He said threatening me.

It's Bader's nature. Every time he would notice that I was bothered of something especially if he feels it involves him, he would move heaven and earth to let me say it. For him, knowing that I was bothered of something especially about him disturbs his peace of mind and he would not allow himself to be home, nor let the sun set without it settled. So he would stop at nothing to make me open up, and then settle it right there and then. It's the one thing I like with him. He would face the problem head on, settle the matter immediately and when it’s over, leave it behind. And in the following day, things would be normal again. That’s how simple he would deal with a problem.

So he went out of the training room banging the door upon his exit. After a few minutes, I heard a sound of a heavy vehicle seemingly approaching the building, then, a big thud on the door.

The door of the training room could be opened from the inside by pushing it. But at that moment I could not do it. I tried to peep from the window and all I saw was Bader driving the big loader, blocking the door. When he saw me, he moved the loader back and then moved it into the door banging it again.

I suddenly felt my heart throbbed fast. I rattled thinking that if anyone would see him in that act of demolishing the building, there will be an investigation which would either end up me being included in the punishment or worse, our relations will be uncovered. That will be the end of me. In my company, having a man-to-man relations is a taboo that carries with it a penalty of cancellation of contract without claims to benefits, and deportation on the earliest available flight. And that is even kinder; the violators could be sent to the authorities and serve jail terms for an indefinite period.

What are you doing, idiot?!!! I shouted in anger and panic.

"Demolishing this stupid building. Wanna help?" he shouted back.

Knowing Bader’s attitude, I knew he wouldn’t back down. So I shouted, "Ok, come on here! I'll talk to you!"

“Good!” Bader answered in an air of victory, climbed down and went straight into the training room leaving the loader still partly obstructing the doorway.

“Why don’t you return first that stupid thing you parked outside and then come back?” I said still worrying if somebody would see and investigate why that loader was oddly parked in front of the training room.

“No way! If you are afraid that someone will see it and he will come inside to ask, I’ll fuck him!” He said his eyes raging in anger. “So, what’s your problem?”

I paused for a while, my body still trembling and said, “I talked with Carlo...”

“I know.” he interrupted.

I was stunned and felt a surge of jealousy creeping over my system again. “What? You talked to him again?” I said raising my voice.

“O, Shut up!” Bader said scornfully. “He came to my work last night during my night duty and confronted why I told you about what had happened between us.”

“And what did you say?”

“What did I say? Hmmm, let me think... Yeah, aside from telling him the history of the universe, I told him everything; that I told you what really happened. And he left me his nose puffing out smoke and fire and his eyes flaming like a vampire in total anger with me, happy now? Now, your story” he said commanding, his voice still tough.

I wanted to laugh at his allegory of Carlo. But deep down I was still full of anger. And I continued, “Carlo said that you courted him! Is this the reason why you asked me not to talk to him so I won’t discover your secret?” I screamed.

“Wow! Shiiiitttt, drama! ‘Todo Na To’!” he said sarcastically alluding to a Tagalog TV game show which was so popular among Filipino co-employees at that time and which many Saudis learned as expression. “That friend of yours is a full-scale certified liar! He’s covering up because I discovered – and now you know – that he likes dick more than he likes the pussy of his wife!” He said partly mocking.

I did not answer. I just looked at him, my mind still deeply asking what and who to really believe.

Sensing I was still not fully convinced, he held my chin again with his left hand, drew it near his face, our noses touched, “Mike, tell me” his right forefinger pointing to his face “Is this the face that would go after a guy? Even if you would let me just stand there outside and all the Filipinos pass by, check how many of them would give me a stare like they will swallow me whole. I hate to say this but damn! You know I’ve got looks Mike. And on top of that, I got built, and this thing in between my legs! Do I have to say it again?” then he released his hand. “Mike, believe me. If I want sex, I can have it anywhere I go and I don’t have to go after some damn closet opportunists pretending to be straight. If ever I need to go after someone, it must be a she, not a he, you know what I mean?

“So how did Carlo come to know you? He is from a different section.”

“I don’t know! He said he noticed me during one of our company beach trips wherein I drove my car and then I charged my other Saudi friends who didn’t want a dip but I tossed them one by one into the water. And he was the one who approached me first, OK?”

I suddenly remembered that incident. Bader was just new to the company then; it was also the first time I noticed and admired him. It was during the company-sponsored beach trip and he drove his sports car at full speed into the sandy beach in a swerving motion keeping all of us holding our breaths. And for that bold exhibitionism, he earned an on-the-spot verbal reprimand. Then, as he finally decided to take a dip, he removed his upper shirt leaving only his shorts ready for the swim, his excellent body was revealed. He was so muscular and looked perfect with his built and enormously attractive face. I knew that for those having an inclination to like men, they salivated by just watching him running to-and-fro on the beach like an innocent kid, chasing his other friends and mischievously hurling them in his huge biceps one by one into the sea. That incident was still fresh in my mind.

Then Bader continued, “There are many ‘he’ coming after me, Mike... in the Filipino barber shops when I get my hair cut, in the market, in this damn company, everywhere! But it’s you I chose; it’s you I love. And most of all, it’s only you I’ve introduced to my family and my father. And don’t ask me why because I have no idea why the hell I fall for you! Shit!”

“And now you have sex with others too?” I screamed tears about to roll down my cheek.

Bader felt a surge of anger for my intransigence and shouted, “It’s not about sex, Mike; it’s about love and trust! Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” he said, kicking the chair in front of him. “I am a Saudi, Mike, remember that. Here, I can go anywhere I want, do whatever I want. Yeah, I may have sex with others, I admit it, coz I am at this age it’s what my body drives me to and I can’t control it. But as I said, these are flings and have nothing to do with love!”

My tears finally flowed down and I sobbed there upset at what I heard. I could not control my raging jealousy. “So you had sex with others too?”

“Damn! You don’t really understand do you?” he said his hands tapping his head and tearing his hair in complete frustration. “Arrrgggghhh!” Then he went beside the chair I was sitting, squatted, moved my chair to face him, held my head drawing our faces close to each other and said in a mild and pleading tone, “Mike, I love you. It’s the simplest explanation. I don’t know what more to say, or how to figure out the right and exact words to make you completely satisfied and happy. But I love you, I really do!” He looked into my eyes, his eyes as if searching for something pleadingly. Then he removed from his pocket a two-half detachable heart-shaped silver pendant with the words “I LOV” in one of the halves and “E YOU” on the other half. He detached the two halves and gave me the second half. “I brought this last night when I accompanied my mom to the market. When I saw it, I remembered you and my heart leapt for joy that finally, I had found a way to let you feel how I truly care. Keep this as a symbol of our inseparable lives. And I want to see this in your neck always. And as I am a Saudi and it is not allowed for us men to wear necklaces, I will keep mine in my wallet wherever I go.”

And as if cold water was doused on me, my anger instantly subsided and my jealousy vanished. I took the second half with the “E YOU” letters, admiringly looked at it on my palm. “O Bader! This is beautiful!”

“I hope you believe me now, Mike. Please don’t hate me...” Bader said his eyes transfixed on my face imploring.

I gave Bader a big hug and we hugged tightly. When we stood up, our lips were sealed. He lifted me to sit on my table without detaching our lips. Then as we removed each other’s clothes, we released our raging passion, filled the burning desires of our flesh, and made love like two people thirsting for each other.

After we were done, we cleaned up, put on our clothes back. Then Bader wrapped is arms around me, “Mike, I don’t know what more can I do to make you believe me...”

I did not answer. I planted a kiss into his lips again and said, “I understand now Bader; I do...”

Then he gave me a big smile, bent over to extend his arms into my legs and back and carried me into my chair.

He was heading for the door already when I shouted, “Hey, where’s the chain to this pendant?”

He returned, bent down, removed the black lace from his right shoe, and handed it to me, “O, I’m sorry, I almost forgot. You have to use this” as we both burst into laughter.

(To be continued)


Part 7:

I believed in Bader's explanation on what really happened between Carlo and him: that it was Carlo who initiated it, and that Carlo had a predilection for Bader. Because of this, my friendship with Carlo (and even Rodney) was adversely affected. We avoided talking with each other, or if we would have the chance, it would be short and superficial.

But there was a part of me which tried to understand Carlo too. Like me, he had a family, and his wife was on the family way. We were practically trapped together on the same boat and in conflict with the same paddle. Besides, Carlo's refusal to say the truth on his part was a kind of defense mechanism; he didn't want to expose himself. For me, it was reason enough to understand.

One day, Bader invited me to a wedding of his male cousin. I was excited because it would be the first time I will see such a Saudi rite. My mind was curious on how the celebration could occur with their women covering their faces, or what would the reception look like with all the male and female guests congregating together. My line of thought was stereotyped the way Filipino weddings are organized.

"So from which family this girl, whom your brother will marry come from?"

"She's our cousin."

"What? He marries his own cousin – first degree cousin?"

"Yeah, what's the problem? And most Saudi people here in our company do the same."

"Marry their cousins? Wow, I did not know that!" I said in amazement. "How did he court her?"

"There's no courtship. First, if I want to get married, I got to tell my family. Then my mom will give me a range of suggestions from my cousins, other relatives, or from other families. Based on their suggestions and my choice, my sister will befriend the girl telling me how she looks, her character… something like that. And if both – the girl and I – have decided through our intermediaries to do it, then my family visits the girl's family, decide on the dowries, the engagement, and the target date of marriage."

"You choose her… you mean like in the auction?" I laughed teasing him.

"Shut up! This is Saudi Arabia, not Philippines. Don't say something like that" he reprimanded.


Then thinking of the same possibility that he too would marry one day, I asked in a serious tone, "How about you… when you get married will you still come to me?"

He held my shoulders, looked straight into my eyes, "Of course I will. What's the problem seeing you here? What's the problem if I bring you to my house? My wife wouldn't care about it? And remember this: even if I am not here anymore, you can always come to my house; it is the friendship Mike, your friendship with my brothers and my family."

I was touched by Bader's words, but a line that he said also confused me, "What do you mean 'you are not around'? Why? Where will you go?"

"Mafi mukh! (brainless) Why, you know what happens tomorrow? I don't care if I die, yeah we will all die. How about you, are you sure you will still live tomorrow – hahahahaha! He laughed sarcastically. And teasing me, "and when I die, take the other half of the pendant from my wallet, ok?"

"Shut up Bader, I don't want to hear it!"

"Why?" You are afraid to die? He said still insisting the topic. Then he kept silent, went straight to the back of my seat and slid down inserting himself with me and wrapped his arms around my belly. "Will you miss me if I die?" he said his mouth on my right ear.

"Bader please shut up, ok? I said my hair seemed to stand at the thought of him talking about dying.

"Oh, maybe immediately after I die, there is another one to replace me, ah…" he said teasing.

"Tarantado! Do you know I've been in Saudi Arabia for years without doing anything like this until you came? If you will die, much better because I want to straighten up my life, shit!" I said raising my voice as I stood up, went to sit on the chair opposite my desk, my tears impending. "Maybe you; if I die you will find a replacement for me immediately…" tears finally rolled down my cheek.

"Oh, shittt!" He shouted seemingly regretful of what he said. Then silence followed. Later he followed me to my chair, stroked my hair, "I'm sorry… Don't cry please. I know how you feel, ok?" Bader hugged me as he held my cheek and kissed my lips.

"No Bader! You don't know how I feel; you don't know what the heck I'm into." I said jerking my head avoiding his kiss. "Do you know what's in my mind always? I think about my family, and there you are in the middle standing in our way, do you know that?"

"God! Are we into this again? Arrggggh! I can't believe this!" Bader shouted, tore his hair in disappointment, went to the door and banged it as he went out.

As I was left alone in the training room contemplating in self-pity, I thought of calling it quit with Bader. I could not help my tears to flow down thinking of the mess that I went through; how I came to be attached with this person, and how my heart broke for guilt every time something happens with me and Bader. I thought that maybe it was good if I would just die, or that something drastic could come that would separate him from me.

After an hour, Bader came back, brought soft drinks and some foodstuffs, placed them on the table as he again slid himself at the back of my seat wrapping his arms around me. "I'm sorry Mike, I am really sorry…" he said in a pleading tone.

"I want to stop this madness Bader. I want to forget you! Why don't you just hit me, or leave me alone!" I sobbed feeling helpless for the intricate situation that I was in. I wanted to shout and tell him it's all over and I did not want to see his face again. But my heart melted when I saw him pleading and felt his concern and warmth.

"Don't worry, Mike. Everything will be just fine… trust me!" as he patted my back and wiped my tears.

Wedding day came. When we arrived at the venue, we entered into a hall which pretty much looked like a huge living room, the size of a basketball court. We first removed our shoes, placed them on the rack already full of a few other pair of shoes and sandals worn by Saudis. The place was elegant with around four huge brightly lighted chandeliers aligned at the center of the ceiling, the floor furnished with thoroughly-dusted sky-blue carpets, the wall painted white and expensive sofas partly occupied by visitors circled by the wall leaving the center free and where other visitors chose to sit on with their legs crossed.

The room smelled of flower and incense. As we entered, everyone looked at us. I had the feeling it was me they were curious about. As my eyes surveyed the place, it was an all-male gathering, guests of different age bracket. But most are in their teens, twenties or thirties, wearing their white thobe (national attire) and ghutra (headdress). I also noticed that I was the only Filipino in that place.

I sat in one of the sofa while Bader remained standing greeting his friends, hugged, kissed their cheeks, talked to them; some came to me and said "Hi!"

Suddenly, Hassan with a friend appeared. They greeted Bader, talked for a while and when Hassan saw me, he came over and introduced his friend, Jafer; the two of them sat down, Hassan beside me and Jafer on the other side of Hassan.

Jafer was about the age of Hassan, he had smooth dark skin, well-shaven curly dark hair, pronounced eyebrows that complemented his curved long eyelashes and seemingly-talking eyes, had a set of buckteeth that went so well with his nice full lips. He wore a dark body-fit shirt that revealed his nice built, faded jeans matched his shirt.

"Mr. Mike, this is Jafer, my friend; Jafer, this is Bader's friend, Mr. Mike" Hassan said.

Jafer extended his hand to me, "How are you Mr. Mike; pleased to meet you!" Jafer said as if reciting an exaggerated dialogue in an English class, gave me a smile as his set of dimples showed. He was pretty good-looking.

"I'm ok, how about you, Jafer" I replied in the same accent.

Jafer could only give me a timid smile. I thought he could not speak English too, just like Hassan. So I did not speak anymore.

Later, Bader sat beside me. "So you already know Jafer? He is also tarantado, like you. This is 'sadik-sadik' of Hassan" pointing to Jafer.

"What do you mean 'sadik-sadik'? I inquired.

"Sadik is friend, right? Sadik-sadik, hmmmm… more than friend" giving me a nasty grin.

"You mean boyfriend"

"Tarantado! We don't use that word here, ok?" as Hassan and Jafer laughed looking at Bader and me.

So, I shut up but my mind flew back when in one of my meeting with Bader's father in their sitting room with me, Bader and his younger brother, Jassim. Jassim's friend just left then and when he was out of the room his father teased him in front of me saying, "Sadik-sadik" gesticulating, his two index fingers together alluding to Jassim and his friend. Then added, "Like you" pointing to Bader and me. That episode made me really wonder what he meant by it. But I did not give it any more attention although at the backseat of my mind, I thought that Bader's father must have known everything. In Saudi, it's common for two male friends to experiment things to the point of getting emotionally attached since they could not mingle with the opposite sex. Sex is a taboo; but friendship is not.

"Why are only men present here?" I asked Bader noticing that no women ever arrived.

"They're all on the other building a few blocks from here. After the wedding ceremony, the bride will go there while the groom stays with us. Then there will be merry-making separately."

"You mean there will be dancing?"

"Saudi dances, not like your dance! If you want, we can stay a little later so you can see how we Saudis dance". Then looking into my eyes, "…and I will dance with you!"

"Hahahaha! Tarantado!"

While we were talking, scented water was passed around for us to drench our hands and then followed incense of which everyone would fan in to relish the smoke. I just followed what everyone did even if I did not understand its significance. After those, tea was passed around, then some Saudis taking shots in their handy-cam.

As people gradually filled the place, foods were served in – in extra-sized trays where about five people would surround eating by hands seated cross-legged on the carpet. I was with Bader, Hassan and Jafer sharing one of those huge trays. We first washed our hands from the taps aligning at the washrooms then we returned to eat, as the voice of a religious leader reciting and singing verses reverberated all over the hall.

All the foods were Khabsa and Mandee, Saudi dishes with the rice cooked together with the chicken or meat and some flavors. Except for the apples, oranges, bananas and melons, everything was purely Saudis.

An hour after and we were done with the foods and had cleaned up. The groom arrived from the ceremony with his father, some relatives, and guests in a convoy. He wore a thobe and a gold overcoat, the one normally worn by princes or sheikhs. As he entered, he tramped around the hall with his father, kissing, hugging, and congratulating the guests. When my turn came, I extended my hand. My intention was only to shake it. But when the groom pulled it to draw my cheek into his cheek to kiss, I was forced to kiss him too, to the amazement of everyone who laughed and clapped their hands.

It was 12 midnight when all the guests started going out on the street dancing and shouting and whistling, to the sound of drums.

"So this is how we dance; not really the one you would think done in pairs." Bader said. "Our private dance will be later in my room with Hasan and Jafer" he whispered naughtily.

"Hahahaha! Idiot!" I said, with an air of suspicion, asking myself what was in Bader's mind again when he said that.

Then he joined dancing with Hassan and Jafer in the crowd, shouting and whistling. I was awestruck at how Bader danced; jumping and waving his hands looking at me like stupid. I laughed silently.

"You wanna dance? Come!" He invited.

My mind forbade me out of shame but as other dancing Saudis invited me to join them, and so I hesitatingly obliged to the increased shouting and whistling of the crowd.

An hour more and we went home to Bader's accommodation; Bader and I in his car while Hassan and Yousef in Hassan's car.

It was 2:00 am when we reached Bader's house. The place looked deserted with a handful of juveniles loafing on the corners waiting for something I could not imagine. Bader, Hassan and Jafer greeted them as we continued into Bader's house.

(To be continued)


Part 8 (Last Part):

When we arrived at Bader’s room, Hassan and Jafer sat side by side on the bed; I sat on the carpet in one corner. Bader removed his shirt, switched on the TV, took some white small tablets from his drawer, cracked one and gave one half each to Hassan and Jafer. They spoke in Arabic and laughed.

Turning to me he said, “That tablet is good, it will make you crazy for sex” giving me a nasty smile. “One half for Hassan, one half for Jafer, and one half for you... Tarantado” He spoke like he was singing Arabic. He opened the refrigerator and took an energy drink, open its lid, took into his mouth the tablets, gulped them.

“Wait! Wait! Why did you take one and a half while each of us took only a half? And what is this for again?” I asked standing up as I held the half of tablet on my palm.

“Ingest it, dammit! No question is allowed here! It will not kill you, ok?” he said partly kidding. "And don't ask why I took one-and-a-half coz I can take even five whole tablets in one gulp!" as he tossed energy drinks to me, to Hassan and to Jafer.

"Really? Doesn't it harm you?" I said astonished.

"What harm are you saying? See my body, it's strong!" flexing his biceps, giving me a big grin.

"OK!" I nodded. So I gulped the tablet with the energy drink, my heart throbbing fast anxious of what it could induce me, sat back to the corner as Hassan and Jafer after ingesting their tablets continued to focus their eyes on the TV screen.

Bader took one music CD, played it in his mini-component, then took a VCD and played it on another player, sat beside me, arching his left arm over my shoulders. While our eyes were focused on the TV screen, our ears listened to the soft music.

A few minutes and my lips dried up I kept biting and licking them with my tongue. Some parts of my muscles seemed to move involuntarily and my mind and body became active. I could feel an exhilarating sensation creeping all over my system. I heard my heart beat fast, my problems were gone and all I wanted was to feel the excitement, the company of Bader and his friends, the soft and soothing music, all made me feel like I was floating – in some kind of heaven.

I tried to focus my eyes on the screen. There was this guy seated in front of the bed where two men and a woman had sex; his hands were strapped into the chair. On the bed, one of the guys lay flat while the woman sat on his hard on, the other guy entered her from her behind. I could hear their moans and see the swinging of their midsection, their faces looked exhilarated. The man strapped onto the seat could only lick his lips as he watched the sex scene and struggled to let loose of himself.

As I was in that concentration, the song of the boy band “Backstreet Boys” was played –

“... although loneliness has always been a friend of mine, I’m leaving my life in your hand. People say I’m crazy and that I am blind..... How you got me blind is still a mystery, can’t get you out of my head... as long as you’re here with me...”

Bader stood up, “I like the song...” held my hand to let me stand. As I stood in front of him, he took my hands, guided them around his waist and let them stay there while his hands were on my shoulders occasionally caressing my hair. I looked at Bader's face; he closed his eyes feeling the music and the sensation with me. We danced softly with the song –

"...every little thing that you have said and done, it seems like it’s deep within me. Doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run, it seems like we’re meant to be...I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me. I tried to hide it so that no one knows, but I guess it shows... when you look into my eyes. What you’ve done and what you’re going through (I don’t care...) as long as you love me baby..."

I had heard that song many times before and in fact, I bought a tape on that. But at that time with Bader, it was like totally a different one and every word was just filled with meaning. I could feel Bader singing it and every word he articulated was meant for me; for the two of us. In that room, all I knew was that only he and me existed, and I couldn’t help but be overjoyed beyond belief having to experience such a deep sense of self-assurance.

Then as the song continued to play, Bader whispered softly into my ears, "Mike, I love you… I always do. There is never any time or any day that passes by without me thinking about you. My world revolves around you, and I have always cherished the times when I am with you. How I wish that this moment never ends; that there is no tomorrow; or that nothing comes between us…"

"Yeah…" was all I could say as I run my hands up and down his back, trying to clench more deeply the touch of my fingers into his body enjoying the stimulation and the feeling of being next to him.

He kissed me on my hair, pressed me harder into him. I started to kiss his chest, licked his nipples as he released a soft moan. He continued to caress my hair, my cheek, running his hands up and down my back softly, relishing every tingling sensation in our flesh. I was like dreaming if not in a trance filled with the overwhelming sensation. We stayed that way for about thirty minutes, even after that song had ended.

When I glanced at Hassan and Jafer still sitting on the edge of the bed, they were kissing and hugging. After a while, Hassan removed his shirt, stood up and pulled Jafer to stand up. Jafer had removed his shirt too. Like us, they were in trance-like dancing to the soft music, hugging caressing, kissing. Later, Bader removed my shirt which I readily obliged.

The movie continued to play... it was another sex scene where a man and a woman both naked were making love on the floor, on a doggie position. Suddenly, the door opened and another man came. He was only wearing a white boxer’s short, his hard on swelled on his front. He went on to the bed and while the first man, kneeling kept his pumping, the second man faced him and licked his chest, neck, and mouth, navel, intermittently removing the buried cock and sucked it.

I felt Bader tightened his hug some more and kissed me on the lips; Hassan and Jafer beside us doing the same. We were so ecstatic and there was an extreme craving for gratification of carnal desires. Then the four of us made love together like we were floating on cloud nine. When were done, we did it all over again, and again, changing partners until we lay flat on the bed. It was like I never felt tired. My mind was still active and it just kept flashing euphoric thoughts.

It was already five thirty a.m. when Bader asked us all to put on our clothes and to prepare to go outside. He was still naked, I could see the silhouette of his excellent built formed in the dimly lit room with his shaft dangling as he stood up turned off the players and the TV monitor. He then took his shirt and wore jogging pants not wearing any brief or underwear. The three of us scampered for our clothes and prepared to leave the room. Bader opened his locker, took two or three medicines, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a soda drink, opened it, gulped the medicines with the drink.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? What did you just ingest?”

“I took again some tablets, what seems to be the problem? He said in a teasing tone.

“Are you not afraid you may overdose yourself? Don’t worry, it’s ok. I know its effect and I can manage.” He assured me. “Come on let’s get out from here.”

“Where are we going?” I inquired.

“Just stroll outside”

When we were out of the house, the four of us jumped into his sports car and Bader drove it on top speed. Even if the effect of the medicine was still on my body, I felt some kind of edginess with the speed. “What are you doing? Slow down Bader, slow down!”

“Hahahahahahaha!” the three of them laughed.

“Why are you afraid? You don’t trust me? You’re in a sports car, remember?” Bader said looking at me, his driving slowed down. “Besides, the road is almost empty of cars, don’t you see that?”

“Yeah, but I have a phobia on speed, especially that most accidents in the world happen in Saudi Arabia. Do you know that every three minutes, an accident happens in your country?”

“Wow! You believe that? It’s a piece of crap, intended to scare people” as he gesticulated mimicking. “I’ve been to many accidents before and look at me, I’m still alive! If you are meant to live, you live, but if your time comes, even if you are only sleeping, you’ll wake up dead, you know what I mean?”

“I understand, Bader. But I am scared, ok? I can’t help it.” I pleaded.

“Ok, you’re the boss!”

After a few minutes we arrived in the part of the corniche where there were still a few people congregating. On the parking area I could see different sports car. I thought there could be some kind of a race.

“Mike, I will join the race, ok?”

“What? I am scared Bader, please don’t be stupid. If something happens to you who will bring me back to my accommodation?”

“Tarantado! That’s only your problem? You don’t care if I die as long as you are already in your accommodation? Where is your brain? Mafi Mukh!” He scolded. “You can stay in my house if you want. No one’s gonna throw you out! Besides, I am not going to die yet, ok? But if I will, you can ride a taxi back to your accommodation if that is all your problem. I’ve been joining this race since a long time already. That’s why I have this car. I just love to race. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine and I will win this race. Ok? Ok?” He demanded in his usual commanding tone, giving me an intimidating look.

“But Bader -”

“No buts... just relax!” He interrupted. “Here, take these, I don’t have a pocket in my jogging pants” endorsing to me his wallet and his cellular phone.

I could not say anything except to nod and follow what he wanted. I tried to check on his wallet; he had two fifty-riyal, five ten-riyal, one five-riyal and four one-riyal bills. There were his nationality ID card, his company ID, his ATM, credit card, driver’s license, and other sheets with Arabic names, probably a telephone numbers of his friends. I had also my ID picture, hidden just at the back of his. In one partition, there was a small folded envelope. I took it, and opened to see its contents. It was the other half of the pendant I was wearing. With the pendant was a small sheet of paper with an Arabic writing. I thought I would ask Bader later about what he wrote in there.

The race started. There were three cars on the start line; Bader’s red car was in the middle. I didn’t know if it was a trial or part of the rule to race three of them only. When somebody shouted in Arabic which sounded like “Ready, on your mark, get set... go!” Everyone froze. And when the racers started their cars, there was a deafening sound.

The race tracts were only within the corniche area, on the side road which contained some curves. After about thirty minutes, we could already see the three cars approaching with distances not far from each other, and Bader was leading. Everyone was clapping and I could hear Jafer and Hassan shouting and jumping on top of their voice in total jubilation. But suddenly, the left front wheel of Bader’s car snagged with an outcropping concrete by the side of the road. In a flash, his car was hurled into the air spinning. It landed into the ground on its top some meters away and hitting a few spectators.

Everyone rushed to check on Bader. I couldn’t believe my eyes with what happened. I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I dashed with everyone towards the scene, but instead of extending a hand to help Bader out, the people simply surrounded Bader and the smashed car. I could hear someone shouting. I was later told that the shouting person was reminding the people never to touch anything until the police and the paramedics would arrive. According to them, there is nothing to do without the intervention of the police and legitimate paramedics. In Saudi Arabia one can be penalized for intervening in the scene of the accident if he is not a part of the authorized persons to deal with the situation, especially if the victims die while on rescue

So I just stood there helplessly with the other people, looking at the car with Bader trapped inside. I could see Bader’s head move and there was a surge of blood creeping on the cemented road. I knew it was Bader bleeding. My heart throbbed so fast praying that the police and the paramedics would arrive soon. It was like my heart was torn into pieces to see in such an ordeal the person with whom I just shared one of my sweetest moments as I stayed there just watching him wrestled for his life. And I felt guilty for not exerting that much effort in dissuading him not to join in that race.

After about twenty minutes, the police arrived and shortly, the paramedics. The police checked first the area, the car, took pictures, and the paramedics pulled Bader out of the wreck, and into the stretcher. But I did not see Bader move. And the place where Bader and the wrecked car lay was soaked with blood. My mind screamed in fear.

As Bader was brought into the hospital, I asked Jafer and Hassan if I could come with them. But Hassan insisted I should not go there anymore thinking that police might ask me questions. So, they sent me to the taxi terminal. I endorsed to Hassan the wallet and the cell phone which Bader had endorsed me before he embarked on that ill-fated race. Then I headed for the accommodation, my tears rolled down my cheek as the taxi ensued. My fear of riding with it was dwarfed by my extreme fear of what had just happened. And although I was not familiar with the way back to my accommodation with the crisscrossing desert road, I just let my instinct to dictate me to direct the driver.

It was nine in the morning when I reached the accommodation. I felt like my muscles craved for a break due to lack of sleep and hyperactivity. But the effect of the medicine was still active on my mind. I didn’t feel any urge to sleep. All I wanted was to think and find something to do. But the thought of what could have happened to Bader was at the center of my brain.

At 11 am, I received a call from Hassan. He relayed in broken English the sad information that Bader died shortly when he arrived at the hospital due to excessive loss of blood. He also mentioned that they will bury the remains at four o’clock in the afternoon of that day.

I was shocked with what I just heard. Just a few hours ago Bader and I was dancing and in all exhilaration. My tears kept rolling down my cheek. My mind screamed for me to go to his place and see his body for the last time. But I couldn’t. In my accommodation, one can’t just go out anytime as there are no taxis in the desert. So I just stayed in my room reviving in my mind the times I spent with Bader playing over and over the song “As Long as You Love Me” which just few hours ago we danced with. It was hard. The only thing that consoled me was the pendant which Bader gave me.

One week after Bader’s death, Amir, Bader's brother called me up telling me that his father wanted to see me. It was Friday morning and I went downtown with the shoppers. Amir picked me up downtown and brought me to his house. As I met his father, Amir was there translating everything his father told. “I saw in Bader’s wallet this pendant and I think Bader wanted you to keep this. This was wrapped in a small sheet of paper” showing me the sheet “with an Arabic note written by Bader saying ‘To my special friend Mike’” as his father handed it to me.

I took the pendant from his father. After a few more minutes with him, I asked to be excused. He advised me that I was welcome anytime to visit the family, of which, I nodded.

As I arrived, I immediately attached the two pendants. It completed the words, “I LOVE YOU”. I released a deep sigh. I wrapped the completed pendant with the Arabic note which Bader had written, wrapped it over with another sheet with an English note I wrote –

“To my special friend, Bader, wherever you maybe: I can’t thank you enough for all the love that you showed me. Here in this faraway land full of uncertainty and short of true friends, you were there ready to share the things to make me feel comfortable, better, accepted, and loved. Thank you for the many first experiences; thank you for letting me know you and your family; thank you for teaching me your culture; thank you for showing me the nice places and the good side of your country; thank you for being just there for me. I don’t know the reason why you have to leave that suddenly. You have always told me that if it is your time, you can’t say no. But even if I don’t know the reason at all, I think it’s part of the grand design for us. I can’t question God’s wisdom; I can only think that it must be for the better. One day, when I get back to my country and reach that waning part of my life, I would sit back and tell myself that in this place, there was one special friend who cared, who showed me love, and who became a part of me for a brief moment of time. Yeah, you are special to me, Bader. One day, we may meet again. But for now, I bid you goodbye.”

After I wrapped the pendant with my note, I went out of my accommodation all alone and into the desert. The 5 o’clock afternoon sun was still scorching at nearly 40 degrees Celsius, the hot wind hissing on against the dunes carrying away bits of it and lodged them into my body as I searched for a place to settle. All I could see were horizons of brownish to reddish sands. It was eerie. The thought of Bader bleeding and stocked up in that wrecked car was still fresh on my mind... although I could feel him there with me.

I dug into the hot sand using my trembling hands. When the hole was done, I laid the pendant into it. I released a deep sigh as I covered the gaps, soaked up myself with the pain of letting go. I stayed there for a couple of minutes, reminisced the times when Bader and I owned the world and everything seemed right. I let the tears flowed down freely from my eyes until I was tired of weeping. Then I stood up and went back to my room feeling a deep sense of incompleteness.

With Bader gone, I buried with him – our love...



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