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Start Over 11

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"je-jek?!?" gulat kong tanong. Itinulak ko ito palayo. Shit! I can't believe I just made out with my bestfriend. I slowly moved myself back to lean against the wall. Napailing ako.

He didnt say even a word, but just smiled. His manly hand cupped my face and moved closer to me again. I looked at him and God, my bestfriend's smoking hot. He moved his face closer and slowly brushed his lips against mine. I returned his kiss with the same gentleness. My arms circling around his neck as his hands are rubbing up and down my sides. We kissed for minutes and did it back and forth, the kiss is as soft and tender as a butterfly’s grace.

Our kiss began to pick up the pace, his tongue's tasting more urgently and my breath's getting heavier. He started grinding on top of me as I can feel his manhood gets more and more defined. His short jeans act as a barrier, and the friction of the cloth rubbing against my manhood, is making me gasp and sigh in ways I can’t explain. His lips moved from my lips down to my chin, down to my neck, where he flicked his tongue up and down, side to side. And he didn't stop. He moved down and kissed my collarbone, slowly and gently. Then his tongue traced the outline of my shoulders. Damn, his lips feel so good. Every spot he kisses, licks, feels like it’s been hit with fireworks.

And Just when I thought he will stop right there, he didn't but continued instead, to head south. He took off his short and underwear. Man, I just died smiling. He stared at my body. I felt like I am being displayed like a piece of art and he is studying me, deciding which part of my body is the most beautiful to him. He gazed lovely at my nipples and seems to ponder, which one to enjoy first. He decided on my right chest and wrapped his mouth around my pinkish nipple. He suckled it, while fondling my left nipple. I love the feel of his rough hands on me. He used his tongue expertly moving it around and around my nipple, sending shivers down my spine and moans out of my mouth. He teased my nipple with his teeth as he finishes the right one and switched over to give my left some attention. His sucking, licking, and nibbling is making me squirm uncontrollable and I can tell he is just getting started.

He headed further south, kissing his way down, towards my belly button. And then lower still. He used his tongue to graze the area where my legs meet my hips…and I am shuddering already, my breathing started to stutter.

He hovered for a minute over my manhood. I can feel him eying it, even with my eyes closed. I know jek's never done this in his whole life and I don’t want to pressure him into it, so I just silently tried to brainwash him with my telepathic thoughts .I felt a slight breeze on my bare skin. It's warm and tingly. Oh bloody mary, Jek licked my manhood from bottom going up to it's head like a fucking popsicle, giving me a strange feeling of ecstasy and heaven. Strange I said because this is the first time that someone has tasted and licked my life, ever. OMG…is he actually going to do it?! Is he actually going to blow me? I opened my eyes and saw him stopped and staring up to me like asking for a god damn permision, I nodded and smiled at him like giving up all my life willingly and happily. And right then, he slowly opened his mouth and slid my sword down to his throat. He consumed my everything and glided his lips against my manhood up and down. God, I'm not kidding, this feeling's beyond words and labels. I whined like a slutty whore, as my knees almost collapsed. My legs trembled and I slumped against the wall. I was sent to eternal bliss. Weeeew!

Then he stood up and looked me straight in the eyes. I knew what he was thinking, to give him back what he deserves. I bit my own lip and smiled naughtily. I pushed his body until he leaned against the wall. I kissed his lips intensely like I am running out of time. I put my tongue inside of his mouth which he then sucked and played like a gummy bear. I kissed him down to his chest and suckeled his nipple like an infant to his mother. I can hear his little moans that make me even crave for more. Those lil hair around his nipple really tickles me to death. Jeez, this guy's fucking burning. Just before I kneel down, he held my shoulder up and turned me around.  He pushed my back until I bent over. Oh sweet glorious heaven, I'm not ready for this. I heard my heart pounding like a baby rat chased by a hungry horny Lion.  I felt his hand on my waist as his other hand spreading my legs to give space for his life. I closed my eyes and prepared to let his kingdom invades mine. I turned my head back to see how he looks and Pakshit, his face looks incredibly godly hot. He gave me a quick kiss as I nodded to sign him that my body's ready for exorcism. He smiled. I closed my eyes and waited for the entrance.
And then.....

"HOY! Gising!!!" sigaw ni jek. Halos lumabas ang puso ko sa gulat at napaupo ako sa kama. Dinig ko ang malalakas na tawa nito. Putang ina!  I fell asleep pala. How did it happen? Hmmm...Napakunot noo ako. The last thing I remember is when jek's on my top and he was staring at me, then I remember saying things to him that he just ignored. I remember he stood up and walked out of the room singing Airplanes. And I was left lying on my bed. Ahhh.. that's when I drifted off to sleep. Jesus, I just had a dream having sex with this man. Napailing ako at napangiti.

Pinilit ako nitong binangon at inalalayan papasok sa banyo. Pagkapasok namin, I closed the door as he walks out of the room. I looked myself in the mirror, and Holy Crap, I am totally wasted. My face is all red, my lip's still swollen, my eyes are like two horizontal lines. My head hurts and I'm feeling different. I feel something's trying to breeeeaaaakkk ooouut.. Napasuka ako sa bowl. Hindi ko na napigilan ang aking sarili. Napaupo ako sa hilong nadarama at pagpilit na ilabas lahat.

Tumayo ako at nagsipilyo, the taste of it still lingers inside my mouth. It's like hell, soaked in bitter cream. I heard jek knocking on the door. 

"ayos ka lang diyan?" si jek, bumalik pala ito nang kuwarto. Hindi ako sumagot at hinubad ko ang suot after magsipilyo. Binuksan ko ang shower at naligo. The water's cold, and relaxing. The cool breeze hovering inside of the room's really soothing and detoxifying. I kneaded my hand against my face down to my neck, going down to my chest. Umupo ako sa sahig at hinayaang bumuhos ang tubig sa aking katawan. I want everything that I'm feeling inside, be washed away. I want it to clean my heart and make me forget that I once cried over Tyler. I want nothing from him anymore and I am now ready to think myself and start over with nothing but JUST myself.  I rested my head on my toes as I watch the water flows over my skin. Then I remember my dream, and fucking power ranger, I am on the same spot where it happened, and I am sitting right here when he pulled me up and started to own my everything. Aaarrgggh! Napatawa ako, sa lahat ng mapapanaginipan.

I heard jek's still knocking on the door, pero hindi ko ito pinansin. Until I heard the door opened, and a few steps approaching. Hinila ko ang shower curtain para takpan ang aking sarili. I felt his hand on my arm and pulled me to stand up. I looked at him and Jesus Christ, he's taking off his shirt.

"what the hell you think you're doing?" tanong ko sabay taas ng kilay. But believe me I just died seeing an angel slowly took off his top. The hottest angel that God ever has, is standing in front of me, topless. This is not happening, Hellhound, this is exactly how my dream started. I closed my eyes and opened it in seconds, and Damn, he's still standing before me, half naked. Ugh! This is one of those hardest moments that I have to pretend like everything's just normal, that I gotta act like I'm cool while this man's naked and trying to seduce my spirit to give up my sanity and VIRGINITY. Putang Ina talaga. Napalunok ako.

"Maliligo narin, ang baho ko na kaya."  He grinned like a kid sabay baba ng kanyang short. Aaaargh! My dream's coming true!

"Mamaya ka na, ako muna.. labas ka.." pakipot ko.

"Nahiya ka pa, kanina ko pa nakita yan. haha saka dati naman nung mga bata tayo, sabay tayo naliligo dito."

"Dati iyon at saka, unfair, ikaw naka brief, ako hindi.." pang-uuto ko. And mama mary, please hear me praying, sana hindi nito napansin na paraan ko lang iyon para alam niyo na. My soul grinned, trying hard to hold my halo so it won't go away.

"Iyon lang naman pala eh. Eh di wala kasi.." sabay baba ng kanyang salawal. Oh Charice, bakit ka tibo, I just died all over again. Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko. I just can't believe we're on same scene, naked and standing before each other, like my dream. Panalo ka na naman pacquiao! I can't look at him straight, but I know his manhood's pointing mine like he wouldn't mind me caressing it. Ang hirap naman po nito. Napalunok ako. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to suck everything up and make him feel that I don't care, and it doesn't affect me at all. Yet deep inside, forgive me Sister Teresa, all I ever want is to kneel before him and conqueer his life with my bare mouth. The awkward feeling of, smiling like you know you hid it well, but he still sees you imagining it, lalo pa't pangisi-ngisi ito na parang gustong gustong nahihirapan ang kaluluwa ko sa pagpipigil. Dayumn!

Tinakpan ko nang kamay ang aking kaluluwa, ginaya naman ako nito at tinakpan din ang kanya. Napahalakhak kaming dalawa. Tumalikod ako, at pansin ko rin ang pagtalikod nito. Inabot niya sakin ang sabon, at inabot ko rin ang shampoo, maya maya pa'y palitan kami, sa akin ang shampoo, at abot sa kanya ng sabon. At nagfocus nalang akong maligo. I can hear him humming to the same song we've been singing the whole time, B.o.B.'s Airplanes. Napailing ako at napangiti. Then he began singing it out loud, wala narin ako nagawa kundi sabayan ito. 

After namin maligo, pinahiram ko ito nang masusuot kasi wala daw siyang dala. Umakyat naman ito agad ng kama pagkabihis.

"Oh di ka hinahanap sa inyo?"

"Dito ako matutulog, nagpaalam na ako kanina."

Hindi na ako sumagot at tinuloy ang pagbihis. Umakyat narin ng kama at tinabihan ito.

"It's a been a long day..." bulong ko habang nakatitig sa kisame. Hindi naman ito sumagot, at nakatingin lang din sa taas. Humarap ako dito at tinitigan. He glimpsed at me for a second and smiled like an angel wearing a baseball cup. Napangiti rin ako, alam ko he's trying to say something, and the best way for me to get it is to see through his eyes and smile.  Everything's gonna be okay and He will always be right beside me.

"Salamat jek, for everything" bulong ko. Hindi parin ito nagsalita at sinuklian lang ulit ako ng ngiti. 

"Funny how I know that you care for me a lot when you're not really good at saying it out loud." sabay tawa ko nang maliliit. 

"You don't need to say a single word for me to understand, I get it everytime you look at me and smile. It's like we have this unseen link between us that we know how each other feels. You might be my brother. Let's ask tita tomorrow, baka kasi nagloko dati si Dad at Mama mo. haha" dagdag kong pabiro na siya namang ikinahalakhak nito. Tahimik. Hinawakan nito ang mga kamay ko, while our eyes are still on the ceiling.

Walang nagsasalita.

"jek?" bulong ko pero hindi ito ulit sumagot. Minutes later, naririnig ko na itong humihilik. Loko loko talaga 'to, akala ko pa man din dinadamdam 'tong moment namin, iyon pala kanina pa nakabyaheng Japan. Napailing nalang ako. Nilapit ko ang aking mukha, at hinalikan ito sa pisngi.

"Thank you, my bestfriend..." bulong ko at sabay ng pagpikit ng aking mga mata.


Nagising ako sa mga malalakas na katok sa pintuan. I opened my eyes and shit, maliwanag na pala. Napalingon ako kay jek pero wala na ito, tanging unan nalang ang nasa tabi ko.

I grudgingly rolled myself out of bed para buksan ang pintuan at bumungad sa akin itong si Nanay cleng, may dalang juice and bread.

"Nay, di pa ako gutom, I'm still sleepy..." pag iinarte ko sabay punas ng mata

"Mag aalas Dose na nang tanghali hijo, magmumukmok ka na lang ba dito sa kuwarto.."

"Nay, di naman ako nagmumukmok eh, natutulog po, na-TU-TU-log." pag emphasize ko.

"Ganoon na rin iyon, kumain ka na.." sagot nito. Tumango lang ako at tinungo ang banyo para mag-ayos.  Pumasok rin sa loob si Nay at nilatag ang food sa mesa, sabay ayos ng kama.

"Nay, anong oras umalis si Jek?" pabulol bulol kong tanong habang nagsisipilyo.

"Pasado alas Otso na ata iyon, nagmamadali ngang umuwi ang batang iyon, late na daw siya sa klase niya,"sagot nito habang pinapagpag ang kama. Napailing naman ako. "My fault" says my mind.

Pagkatapos kong kumain, I laid my back to bed again at pinikit ang mga mata. I'm trying to reminisce everything that has happened yesterday, but everything's black. I can see pictures, but I feel nothing. I know exactly what happened, but weird, my mind's like wrapped in transparency and I feel numb. Napakunot noo ako. I feel no pain, I feel... completely nothing. "Good" says my mind.

Napaidlip ulit ako.

Nagising ako when I heard my phone ringing, napalingon ako sa wall clock and whadda, alas singko eksakto na pala nang hapon. I grabbed my phone from the table and saw JM calling. hmm.

"Answer it, you owe him a lot. You hurt his feelings yesterday, please answer it, for jonathan's sake. #teamJM" says my mind.

"who's jonathan?" asks the other side.

"yung guard sa may gate ng village, cute siya kaso pustiso" malanding sagot nito.

"Jesus! you're getting out of the script, you fucking pervert! Anyway, Alex don't answer it. You know inside, the feeling's not the same anymore. You promised you're gonna think of yourself first.  And if you're gonna break that promise, better go talk to Tyler. He deserves a chance to explain his side. #teamTyler" says the other side.

"you two shut up, wala na yung call, haba kasi ng lines niyo eh , baka mamaya makabasa ulit tayo ng comment. na nakakairita raw kayo at pinapahaba lang yung update" bulyaw ko sa dalawa. Peace tayo! haha

"WHATEVER!" sabay na sigaw ng dalawa then roll eyes like a famous bitch. LOL

Then, I heard an SMS received.

"Can we talk, before I go back to Manila?" si JM. Binura ko agad ang text message nito at hindi sinagot.  I swear, tamad na tamad ang pakiramdam ko.

"Can you at least be man enough to talk to me, and explain why this has happened?" sunod nitong text. Napakunot noo ako. "Don't start with me JM." says my mind.

"Are you still around?" reply ko.


"Meet me in SM Clark in 30 minutes. "


Hindi na ako nagreply at tinungo ang banyo para makapag ayos narin. Nakarating ako sa Mall at exactly 6pm. Nagtext itong si JM na nasa Caffe Bene raw. Pagkapasok na pagkapasok ko rito, I saw him waving his hand. Nilapitan ko si JM at halos malgupasaysay ako sa aking naramdaman, he looks different again. Namumugto ang mga mata. 

"Hi.." he said. Hindi ako sumagot and gave him a poker face. Umupo ako and looked at him. Yumuko ito. Walang nagsasalita. Inabot nito sa akin ang isang Venti sized Iced Coffee. 

"Thank you.."  tipid kong sagot.

Tahimik. His eyes are on his drink, and mine's wandering all over the place.

Tahimik parin.

"is he the reason you're not coming back?" pambasag nitong tanong. I know he's referring to Tyler. I didn't answer him back, but I just looked him in his eyes at umiling ako to make him understand that Ty isn't the reason.

"If not, then why is he all to you, why is he wrapping his arm all around you? why you look happy with him? why?" sunod sunod nitong tanong, kasabay ng panlalaki ng kanyang mga mata. 

"I dont have to explain anything... "  mabilis kong sagot.

"because I'm not your man anymore, is that it? huh? that's why you dont have to explain EVERYTHING!!! Damn it, alex." 

"Jesus! NO! It is because there's nothing to explain.. Ty and I are not together and will never be. So please, please stop being paranoid and stop thinking about it. " pabulyaw kong sagot.  I swear, he's getting into my nerves.

Tahimik ulit. 

"Are you even coming back to me, at all? sunod nitong tanong. Napatigil ako. Napayuko. I closed my eyes and listened to my heart. I can't feel nothing. I don't hear anything. My heart's tired and seemed like resting. 
It is now that my mind's finally certain about this. I can't and won't be coming back. I lifted my head back, and looked him straight in the eyes, at kasabay ng aking pag-iling ang pag-amin na hindi ako babalik. Pansin ko ang pagkabigla nito, yumuko ito at tinakpan ng isang kamay ang kanyang labi para hindi marinig ang paghagulgol. Tears fell down from his eyes so fast,  letting all the pains and sorrows go out. He cried me a river. Hinawakan ko ang kamay nito to somehow ease the pain, coz believe me, this is the last thing that I would do to JM, to hurt him and make him feel this way. Napapaiyak narin ako. I really have to do this, for myself and for my own life. I have to do what I gotta do, even if means giving up Love coz starting today and moving forward, my Life's not gonna be just all about Love.

"Please....  I will do everything you ask me to, I will do anything you want.. just please, please come back to me..." pakiusap nito habang dumadaloy ang mga luha sa kanyang pisngi. No words can ever explain how JM cried over my decision. 

"My life's never gonna be the same without... you... so please,..come back to me." he added

"You know that's not true. Before we even met, you had your life and It was so beautiful and happy..."

"but eveything has changed when you came in, it became much beautiful and I became happier..."

"which is exactly the reason I left and not coming back... I want you to get your life back like the way it was, the life you had even before I came in. My life with you, it was happy, but everything back then was all about you. Let me have mine, and let me start mine. Let me have my own life, and let me do it and find myself."

"So you were never happy when we're together?"

"I said, I was happy, but I had this feeling that everything's just about you.. Our relationship was never about me, it's always been you.."

"You could've told me in the first place and we might not have ended this way."

"I started to get this strange feeling when you kept on demanding things I wasn't ready yet, It's always about yourself and your pleasure..."

"all along, I thought it was because I made a mistake of cheating on you.

"this is not even just because you cheated on me, this is even way before it happened."

"Then come back to me, let me make up to it and turn everything right. please? I don't think I'm gonna be happy ever again, without you..."pakiusap parin nito,

"See my point?  even now, you're still thinking about yourself and how you're gonna be happy again. It's always about you, you think always about yourself, and you're becoming a selfish jerk because of that. How about me JM? Have you ever thought of myself first and considered my happiness over yours? NO! Coz again, everything's abou you"

Hindi ito nakasagot. Pinusan nito ang kanyang mga luha at inayos ang sarili. Tahimik.

"I didn't say I'm not coming back AT ALL, neither ANYMORE. I just want us to find ourselves first and If,  If someday, we meet again and still feel the way we feel for each other,  nothing can ever stop us by then. Do you get me?" tanong ko, sabay haplos nang aking kamay sa mukha nito. He closed his eyes na parang dinadamdam ang aking palad sa kanyang pisngi, kasabay nito ang luhang dumaloy sa kanyang mata. Naantig ako sa itsura nito. This man's never ashamed of showing how he really feels. He opened his eyes and smiled. Pinakawalan nito ang isang ngiting matagal ko nang inaasam. Isang ngiting alam mong tanggap na niya ang lahat, at naiindihan na dapat mangyari ang isang bagay to give way for better things. I see in his eyes the hope and courage. I see him looked at me like telling me, he's gonna win over this and we'll see each other in the end. I smiled and tears started to run across my cheek. 

"And now, you're crying also..." bulong nito sabay pakalawa ng maliliit na tawa habang pinupusan ang luha sa aking pisngi.

"this is the hardest thing that I ever did in my whole life, to let go of someone I have loved so deeply..."

"No, this isn't the end for us, this isn't farewell to our feelings, this is us, thinking about ourselves and preparing until we're ready to let our hearts meet again, in the end. So, I'm not gonna be saying my goodbye. Just go out there, and I'll see you again soon, okay? " sagot nito na lalong nagpahagulgol sa akin. Tumango nalang ako sabay pisil sa kamay nito sa aking pisngi.

"I love you Alex, and I will forever love you..."

"You know I feel the same way too. You are my first Love and will always have a special place here in my heart that no one, NO one can ever take away." 

"Thank you.." he said.

"No, I thank you JM, for understanding.." tumango naman ito at kumindat pa na parang puning puno ng pag-asa.

"I gotta go, mayroon pa akong early meeting tomorrow.."paalam nito.

"JM, please take care of yourself. I want to see you the Philippines' Number 1 Public Defender soon. Make me proud. Okay?"  tumango naman ito at tumawa. He raised his right rand and said,

"Promise" then he smiled. At tuluyan na kaming tumayo at lumabas ng coffe shop. While walking out of the mall, I put my arm on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. I didn't know what it is really for, I just feel like I'm happy and he deserves it. He smiled and chuckled. "This is new..." he said.


"you..., putting your arm around my shoulder and kissing me in public, it makes me wanna change my mind."
he giggled. Hindi na ako sumagot at tumawa nalang din.

Sa parking lot.

"No goodbyes.." he said, looking straight to my eyes..

"No goodbyes.." i replied...

"until this heart" sabay haplos sa dibdib nito, "meets this heart again" tapos haplos sa aking dibdib.

"until this heart" hinaplos ko rin ang aking dibdib, "meets this heart again" sabay haplos ng aking palad sa kanyang dibdib. We chuckeled.

Then I noticed a group walking pass by, shit sina Tyler. I don't want JM see this group again, ayoko na maulit ang mga nangyari. I saw Joy smiling, but ty's staring at me and giving me a blank face.

"Can I hug you?" I asked JM. Hindi naman na ito sumagot at niyakap ako ng mahigpit. I miss this feeling , his body wrapped around me as his warm soul relaxes my mind. Napalingon ulit ako sa grupo ni tyler and I saw him walking out and rushing inside the mall. Sumunod naman ang mga kaibigan nito.

Sumakay na sa kotse si JM at pinaandar ito, I waved my hand as he drives his car away. Dali dali narin akong sumakay ng kotse at umuwi.

Pasado alas otso na ng gabi nang makauwi ako sa babay. Pagkaupong pagkaupo ko sa sala, tumunog agad ang doorbell at narinig kong sumisigaw si jekjek sa labas. Lumabas ako para pagbuksan ito, may dala dalang tupperware, sinilip ko ang laman, sinigang na hipon, luto daw ni tita lorna. Nagmamadaling pumasok sa loob itong si jek at gutom na raw. Nagprepare naman na ng mesa si nanay cleng at sabay sabay kaming kumain. At gaya ng dati, sobrang nakakaaliw talaga si jek kasama pag kumakain, makulit at laging may joke na dala dala, pati si nanay cleng hindi rin maiwasan ang pagtawa.

After namin kumain, nagpaalam narin si jek na uuwi na at sasabay nalang sakin bukas papasok. Tumango naman ako at tinungo narin ang kuwarto para magpahinga.


Sabay kaming pumasok ni jek, habang nagda-drive, kinuwento ko sa kanya ang lahat ng nangyari sa akin kahapon. Hindi naman ito nagpatalo at nagkuwentong ang daming naninibago kay tyler kahapon, halos maghapon kasing tahimik, nakaupo lang sa sulok, tulala. 

"I don't give a damn" i said na ikinatuwa naman nito, para daw akong kontrabida sa teleserye.

"wait until he sees what I'm capable of, the show hasn't started yet..." pagmamayabang ko at para naman itong timang at pumalakpak pa talaga. 

Pinauna ko na si jek sa room at nagpaalam akong mag-c-CR muna. While I'm walking along the hallway, someone approached me.

"Hi.. I'm precious, one of the editors ng school's paper. "

" oh hello, what can i do for you?"

"i just have a few questions, if you don't mind.."

blah blah blah...

"i don't know if you've heard of it, there's this blind item section in our journal, everybody's claiming that the guy rumored as gay is tyler, and you're the guy he's dating with? is that true?"

Halos malunok ko ang sarili kong laway sa  aking narinig. Napatulala ako. Shit!
Then I saw tyler and his friends approaching.

"Oh No, I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon..." pagmamadali nito na parang takot na takot sa parating na tyler. 

"Hey!!!" sigaw ko na siya naman ikinalingon nito.

"You wanna know the truth? Tyler kissed me so many times and I don't think a real man would do that to a same guy.." pabulyaw ko. Tumango naman ito at nagtatakbo palayo. Then I felt ty's grasp on my hand and pulled me against the wall. His eyes are all red, like he didn't sleep for decades, and God, something's not right with him. He looks off. tsk tsk.

"and what the hell you doin'  huh?" he asked.

"oh what did i do, my dear?" pang iinsulto ko,

"telling that lady that i kissed you so many times?..." 

"i'm just doing you a favor ty.."

"oh yeah doing me a favor.. great.. by ruining my name... that's fucking awesome" sarkastikong sagot nito.

"is it not true tyler? tell me.. coz I swear my lips don't lie.."  

Hinila si tyler ng mga kaibigan nito, lumapit si jek at inakbayan ako.

"and hey..." sigaw ko, napalingon naman itong si tyler at mga kaibigan niya.

"I'm just getting started..!" sabay tawa ko.

---to be continued..


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