Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Dream Once More

By: Mikejuha


I’ve always thought that life is full of dreams
And I’m a dreamer, spinning dreams of dreams
In every journey when I shall stumble, fall
I’d always wake up and shall start it all.

I dream that I shall see a place so far away
To search for destiny and to find my way
My feet may fall down, but my hopes are high
My strength may falter, but I shall try and try.

And in that place where dreamers dream to seek
I’ll find the way and climb the highest peak
Though the way is long and the peak, too tall
But my will is strong, and I shall pass them all.

If in this journey, I’ll grieve with every parting
If I alone shall bear the pains of my own making
If must I cross the seas to find a better future
Then let me suffer on that distant shore.

And on my shores across the hundred-seas
My love shall sing me weeping melodies
I’ll cry a tear, but let my heart bleed deeply
Just give me sorrow, or give me destiny.

And when this dream shall lead my life in vain
I’ll find the way and set it out again
But when in death, I’ll find the way no more
Then I shall wake up, and start to dream once more!

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