Monday, November 8, 2010


By: Jayson Patalinghug
This is a story written when I woke up from a terrible dream...
      It is hard to live in a miserable have to stand alone
             and face the challenges of life....Being gay is not weak..we are strong!
                    strong enough to survive the experiences that could destroy the world of other people. 

I felt a heavy force on my hand, as I lay on my bed. I can not move nor manage to wake up. I was catching my breath and it seemed that the air inside me has been consumed. But my mind was wide awake, I can hear the noises of the broken plates and glasses, the shouts and cries. I hear the door and the walls being kicked and pushed. I struggled to move and opened my eyes but the force on top of me was strong. Then I remember to call on Him. “I rebuke the demon on top of me, let me go, in the name of Jesus my God and savior evil spirit let go of me ” I was exhausted and stuttering when I spoke those words. Then there was silence, my eyes opened up and I felt that the strong force has just let me go. My whole body was wet with sweat and I was catching my breath like I was dying.

I got up of my bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water; on my way to the kitchen I noticed the front door was open. I looked at the clock and saw it was still 3:00 o’clock in the morning, I can see the moon shining from the old and rugged window. I walked on our veranda and gazed the beauty of the moon as it shines and illuminates the surroundings. It must be magical as I felt serenity inside of me. Then my throat reminds me of my thirst and decided to get some water.

Huhuhu….There was a noise in the kitchen.. a cry! yes a cry that softly echo in the stillness of twilight. The voice haunts my soul and suddenly my entire being felt so heavy. I walked through the sala which only the soft light from the moon shines my way. I was searching for the switch but I stumbled. Then a figure of woman appeared into my sight. She was sitting with her head sobbed in our dining table. Her long hair covered her face and her white gown glowed against the moonlight. She was crying and her ghostly voice trembles my body. I can’t speak and my sweat was flowing like stream on my face and my heart was vexed causing the river tears flow freely on my cheeks. The woman stood up and walked towards me and knelt on front of me then looked straight directly to my eyes. Her eyes were full of pain, and then her soft voice crumpled my heart as she said “Your father has left us and he took all our money, and broke all our plates, he broke my heart as he went with his mistress last night.”

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