Saturday, September 15, 2012

Announcement To MSOB Resident Writers

I have decided to deny access to the following resident writers:

1) Those who are inactive, and

2) Those who are only using MSOB as a vehicle to promote their own blogs by intentionally delaying their posts at MSOB by weeks after they have posted updates in other sites (including their own) already. This sounds unfair.

Make no mistake that MSOB appreciates any writer who wants to post and share his story at MSOB. MSOB will accommodate you; MSOB will help you. In MSOB, you are allowed to advertise your blog, your email, etc. But my only request is to please... never abuse MSOB's generosity.

If you have been granted "resident writer" status by MSOB and you feel it is a privilege, then don't treat MSOB as a 2nd or 3rd class site. If you post your latest update somewhere else, please post the same in MSOB. I'm not asking for more. But if you really can't give me that simple request, please don't post your story here at all.

In case you're denied access and still want to post your story at MSOB, please send me your request at

Maraming Salamat po!


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