Thursday, December 16, 2010

So... Who Won The PEBA Contest?

By: Mikejuha


PEBA awarding is already tomorrow, December 16. And we failed to make it to the top ten.

But it’s okay. Right from the start I was skeptical that PEBA will even accept our participation. It’s because their contest’s theme was geared towards the family values where a mother, a father, heterosexuals of course, and kids share lives, dreams, hopes, aspirations, whatever.

They judge the entry, yes, and popularity too. Maybe we got the popularity and maybe, just maybe, a bit on the entry. But the biggest chunk of the points goes to the entire blog, and the judges’ evaluation based on the “theme”. As a whole, MSOB's chances are next to impossible.

So right from the start, our participation was doomed. MSOB’s mission and vision is way different if not perceived to be “deviant” by a society who believes that “family values” have nothing to do with homosexuality.

Of course, “family values” could mean different things to different people. Couldn’t a family have “values” if there is a homosexual sibling around? If you are a father, or a mother, would you disown your gay sons or daughters simply because in the eyes of the “society” to which everyone owes acceptance, these sons and daughters are a disgrace and an affront to family values?

I think that the notion of “family values” taken in the context devoid of, if not away from the reality of homosexuality, is misleading. To the contrary, it is the reason why people think that if one is a homosexual, his “family values” are destroyed. And so, discrimination comes in.  

Anyway, I am not raising this point for the sake of argument. All I want is to present a side in which others will be able to see “family values” as something that come in forms, sizes, and colors. And I am not talking abut condoms.
When MSOB joined the contest, I anticipated that there were sacrifices to be made. I was not mistaken. There were hate comments, and I was even told by PEBA that they received very harsh words, discriminatory and hate comments pointed at MSOB. Of course we can’t discount the possibility that those were borne out of jealousy because we were on the top of the online votes. But apart from jealousy, there lies the issue of “hatred” for the gay people.

So you see my point? Some people believe that in the name “family values” it’s OK to discriminate homosexuals... What a bunch of hypocrites!

No, I don’t hate PEBA. I have high regard for them in their acceptance of MSOB in the nomination. I admire them for coming into my rescue when MSOB was maliciously inundated with hate comments, assuring me that PEBA does not allow discrimination of any form. (Only that it was an email in which only me and my inbox knew. It was like there was a feeling of embarrassment on their part to publicly announce their stand against discrimination.)

Anyway... the contest is over. But despite the setbacks and the tiresome campaigning, I can't deny the fact that there were good things brought out by that experience:

1. I found that many of my readers are willing to march with me and defend me in my fight;
2. I know my real followers, and I know my followers who are just there for the heck of it;
3. I know that when your blog contains posts on gay romances and relationships, you must not join a contest on “family values”

But the greatest happiness that I felt is the experience of having to know that if MSOB so desires, it can generate 910 votes in just over a month, 266 fb comments  and 170 something likes... That’s a great deal of love (and devotion)... And I can’t thank you enough guys for your support, for your effort in campaigning, and of course, for standing by me and for the cause which we all have stood for.

So the PEBA awarding is tomorrow and MSOB lost the title. But for me, winning the title is not the most satisfying thing to achieve in the contest; it's winning the challenge. And MSOB won it.

We had shown to the world how solid we are in our votes and how determined you are in your support. 

We were able to shout together to the world that there are other stories of life out there which mirror pain, love, struggles, sacrifices... of people disdained by society, but also people with feelings... 

We had shown that in spite of the below-the-belt tirades, attacks, discriminatory and hate words, we were able to stand tall and feel dignified. 

These challenges we won. There is no trophy though, but it’s OK, we can buy ourselves one... (Lol!)

So congratulations PEBA! Congratulations winners! Congratulations MSOB!

But most of all, congratulations to you, MSOB readers, fans, supporters, and followers! I won’t forget the effort which you have generously extended to me when I called out for your help... I will ever be grateful to you for your help, guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Special mention to Dalisay for the bravery and courage in defending me against a malicious comment in a PEBA article and for a certain “M” (he doesn’t want to be named) for coming to my rescue. You both are my heroes.

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