Monday, December 20, 2010

Salamat PEBA!

Note: MSOB's official "Thank You" message to PEBA


On the successful conclusion of your your 3rd blogging contest, please accept my congratulations for a job well done.

When I joined in your competition, I felt that I stumbled upon an indifferent territory. I knew that with your contest theme of “Strengthening of family values”, my blog could never have been considered.

However, you accepted my participation notwithstanding. In that instance, I knew that your cause was far greater than the individualistic concerns of some people whose eyes were more focused on their own vested interests.

You have shown us a lesson of acceptance and openness to the different facets of life, belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity... You taught us the value of unity and harmony, as people who together, underwent the same pain, the same struggle, the same sacrifice far away from home but with the same goal of securing a better furture for our loved ones and family, despite our differences.

You showed us that if we stand together as one and face the challenges that come in the way of success, we can surmount it. This example you manifested in your own sacrifices and will power to succeed in your endeavors, in your goals, in your just-concluded 3rd PEBA Awarding activity. You stood tall and showed to the whole world your resolve to achieve a far nobler goal than anyone could have done or ever imagined, despite all the odds, despite your own limitations.

We know that in this world of materialism, it's hard to find people who serve without expecting anything in return. And if ever we find people of that nature, they could have chosen to serve in other fields. But you chose to serve for the cause of OFWs. For this, you deserve our appreciation and praise; you deserve our gratitude; you deserve our respect; you deserve our love...

You are our heroes. You have unleased the heroes within you* by giving out selflessly and voluntarily your talents, your precious time, your energies just so we, OFWs will be recognized, acknowledged, and honored; just so our (OFWs) untold stories of sacrifices and pains will be unraveled before the eyes of the world.

PEBA, I salute you in your ennobling act of trying to make a difference in our (OFWs) lives. Your deeds are an inspiration; your cause is worthy of emulation.

May you continue to keep burning the flame of enthusiasm and dedication; may you continue to serve as our inspiration. May you continue to unleash the heroes in you. May your unflinching act trigger a domino-effect on each and everyone so that together, even for a bit, we can make this world a better place to live…

More power!

Michael Juha
“Michale’s Shades Of Blue”

“…the hero in you is waiting to be unleashed”
By Efren Penaflorida, CNN Hero of the Year 2009

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