Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Poems

 he who hungers for fire

he who hungers for fire
Self excommunicate
with closeted desire
but when Night incarnate
descends with mortals walk
out slinks locked Self to stalk

he who hungers for fire
with furtive glances seeks
sins to expire perspire
the sultry closet reeks
nether fires between thighs
penance in whimpered sighs


in hora mortis

abiding, Time crept by languid and silent.
trudging down winding paths
of remembrance and forgetfulness
(through) xanthous wounds etched
in the screaming sky.
it slithered and writhed,
heaved, quivered, and pulsed.
laden with memories of the past,
of lovelorn lovers languishing in misery.

evening has come.

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