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The story revolves around two people ‘forced’ to live with each other. How would fate and circumstances shape their lives as completely opposite individuals? Because when we are on our lowest, to the point of us hating ourselves, it is when we need somebody the most regardless of perceptions and first impressions.


By: Chartreuse


I was woken up by the sound of my phone ringing. I slowly opened my eyes, everything was dark and the only light I could see was coming from the gap between the door and the floor. I looked at myself and I was naked, then I remembered being with a girl. ‘Maybe she already left’ I thought to myself. I glanced at my phone, it stopped ringing. Eight missed calls and a few messages all from my ate. ‘What could she possibly need?’ I asked myself. As I was about to check the messages, it rang again.

“Ate ang dilim dilim pa, what could you possibly need this early in the morning?!” Me, annoyed for being woken up.

“Madilim kasi gabi na, adik! Anong oras ka nanaman ba kasi umuwi kanina?!” My ate, furious - you’ll know once she started to speak straight tagalog.

“Ate I don’t need this right now. Ang sakit ng ulo ko.”

“Well, you better fix yourself and the condo. Pati yang babae mo pauwiin mo na!”

“Ano bang meron? Plus, wala akong babae dito.”

“Mikaelo Rodriguez, walang babaeng kasama? Is that you?” Pangungutya niya naman. Hindi narin ako sumagot baka kung san pa mapunta yung conversation namin.

“Anyway, remember August? My friend from college na palagi kong kasama diyan?”

“Yung bading? Yeah. Hahaha”

“And who told you na bading siya aber?”

“Come on ate, can’t you see the way he stares at me everytime na andito siya? And, I think he’s even salivating. Hahaha.”

“We’ll he’ll be staying there, in my room, for as long as he wants. And kahit maubos pa laway niya sa pagsa-salivate sayo, I don’t care.”

“WHAT?! You left na nga eh, may ipapalit ka naman. Tapos bakla pa AND yung patay na patay pa sakin. Come on ate! Is this your plot to try and convert me? Ayoko!” Mariin kong tugon.

“Adik! What plot?! He badly needs a place to crash”

“Then why here? Wala bang ibang kaibigan yon? A-YO-KO!”

“Then maybe I should tell dad kung ano anong kabulastugan ang ginagawa mo dito. Who knows baka pasunurin ka na niya sa states.” Pagbabanta nito.

“That’s just low ate. Fine, but if he decides to leave on his own you can’t hold it against me,”

“And Mike, don’t do anything stupid. Sinasabi ko sayo, one complaint from August and you’re boarding the first plane out of here to the states.”

“Okay! Okay!”

I hanged up, pissed off. Went straight to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. I looked haggard from all the partying last night. While taking a bath, I kept thinking of ways how to make him want to leave. As I was about to finish, I heard the door open. ‘He’s here’ I thought to myself. My mind started working and decided to tease him a little, just something to welcome him to make him ‘feel at home’.

I decided to come out of the bathroom dripping wet, with no underwear on and just a small towel wrapped around my waist. After seeing me he just stared! Hindi ko naman mapigilan but to smile sa reaction niya. ‘Definitely a fag’ I said to myself.

He was still staring intently when I decided to break the silence.

“Do you like what you’re seeing?” I asked. His eyes grew even wider. And I had to shut him down instantly saying…

Sorry pero hindi ako pumapatol sa bading. Hahaha!”

“You are August, right?”

He reached out his hand to shake but I deliberately ignored it. I don’t know why, maybe to make him think that he is not welcomed or just to make him think that I’m arrogant.

If I want him to leave here voluntarily, I needed to tease him a little more. So I said…

“Let set things straight here August, wala akong pakielam sa pagtira mo dito but I have two rules. First is wag mo akong papakikielaman.”

Then I slowly walked towards him, placed my mouth close enough to his ear that he could hear me breath and said softly…

“Second, don’t ever fall for me.”

I cannot believe what I just said and I burst out of laughter. I was about to let him off the hook so I turned around and was about to go to my room when suddenly I just felt like dropping the towels off – and I did. I glanced at him above my shoulder and smiled, somewhat like come-to-my-room-and-lets-do-something-dirty kind of smile.

As I entered my room, I locked the door, put some clothes on and lay in my bed. I can’t believe he was stunned the whole time. He didn’t even utter a single word. His facial expressions were priceless. It was hilarious. Then I wondered if I’ve done enough to make him leave on his own. I was hoping I sent the message clearly that I didn’t want him here but I must admit, I had fun teasing him.

I’ve teased the likes of him many times before, in the showers during PE class and even at the gym. Most of them would just look and gaze somewhere else when I catch them staring but this guy’s different; his eyes were fixated like a vicious animal following its prey.

I smiled and blurted out.

“Tang inang bakla yon, gustong gusto eh.”

“Soon August, Ikaw na mismo aalis dito.”

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