Monday, August 16, 2010

When It Rains...

By: Mikejuha


When I was a little kid, I used to run naked and barefooted under the rain and enjoy every drop of it into my skin. As I ran through the tiny currents it created, I felt I had the whole world beneath my feet. It was always for me the best part of life, the joy of innocence, and of being unattached... Nothing made me feel happier than when it rained. And nothing was more important to me than to indulge myself in it. For me, life was just about it.

But, things changed. As I became older, things grew more complicated. I was sucked in to the currents of vicious circle of competition and of wants. And I didn’t know how to free myself from it. The rain didn’t make me feel happy anymore and I didn’t even know what else could make me. I wanted something and when I get it, I wanted more. My daily preoccupation had been on the pressing issues of survival and the standards set by people around. It became a routine to manage my time and resources to the limit, and to walk on tightropes in order to secure my place in the societal structure. I learned to be someone I was not.

I had to think fast and make wise decisions. I had to mingle with the right persons in order to keep afloat. I had to act intelligent in order to have my ideas recognized. I had to look nice in order to gain acceptance. I was totally lost, drifted from, and stripped of the simple things of my childhood.

A lot of people surrounded me, but I feel all alone. My horizons widened but the world is choking me. There are countless of opportunities but I am lost for values. Luxury abounded but I still feel unhappy with my peace and wisdom eroded. I struggled to surmount the challenges but I can’t seem to find the meaning.

This morning, I woke up to the sweet sound of rain landing onto my rooftop. As I heard it dropping heavier and heavier, it reminded me of home and of the simple things I used to enjoy: my family and childhood friends, the cool and refreshing countryside air, the sights of farm and lush vegetation, the fresh and uncontaminated waters of the creek and mountain spring, the taste of native foods, and the smell of the harvests.

I wish I were a little kid again; naive, unsullied, oblivious, innocent, and carefree. I wish I could run naked and barefooted under the rain and enjoy every drop of it into my skin...

I wish that life was just all about it.


  1. I was (for a moment) stunned by this article.My own self was lost,and I admit it. What I am today reflects in this article.I was(for the past 2 decades)0bsessed of philosophical inquiry which concerned itself with the meaning of life without bringing forth what could be considered abiding guidelines to the discovery of the meaning in life,only to discover that the late satirist Ambrose Bierce was right in defining philosophy as a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.

  2. " I wish that life was just all about it".. Reminds me of the things that I cannot control, and there's nothing that I can do. Innocence is what I've always longed to come back to me, but I know it wouldn't be true. There are no fairytales in real life. As always, there are things we always wish for, but there are things that's better if we just accept. Happiness is always a mile away if we seek for the best, but an arm's reach if we enjoy everything.



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