Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Poems


Author's Note:

May Poll po tayo tungkol kay kuya Rom kung kapani-paniwala ba kung mabubuhay pa siya. Marami ang nagsabi na mabubuhay pa siya - hmmmmm bias naman yung mga sagot nila, hehehe. Kasi sa tingin ko talaga di na siya mabubuhay eh... lol!

At kapag nabuhay man, hindi na kapani-paniwala!

Pero... pero... pero... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!




A Student’s English Heartache
By: Mikejuha

I wish somebody helps me
Of things that puzzle me
Like words of diff’rent meanings
Same sounds but diff’rent spellings
Like “sail” and “sail” and “sea” and “see”;
The “mail” and “male” and “flea” and “flee”!

My teacher says it’s easy
But plurals can be crazy
Some words just end in “s”
But others end in “-es”
And worse – “feet”, “oxen”, “mice”
“Alumnae”, “larvae”, “data”, “spies”!

I wish my tense were right
Of verbs that I must write
But verbs differ in form
To rules, some don’t conform
Like “set-set-set”, and “run, ran, run”
Eat-ate-eaten, go-went-gone”!

Another thing that bugs my mind,
To spell the words, O I’m so blind!
And when I try to think about
The words like “out” should be spelled “AWT”
And when instead of writing “knee”
Why don’t we just write “N-E-E”!

You must have known how it feels like
To study things one doesn’t like
Especially when teachers nag,
You’ll never learn to use your tag
Like it is raining, aren’t we?
“Oh, yes they didn’t can’t you see!”

One trouble is this usage
I like its sound but I’m no sage
Coz there are words I do not know
And couldn’t use them right or so
Like “May I dance, Miss over you?”
Oh, well, yes centerly, thank you!”

This subject-verb agreement
I’ve learned with disagreement
With words like “crowd” or “group”, or “class”
We must use verbs like “is” or “was”
But why in this, “The crowd are stunned...”
My teacher I don’t understand!

And there’s the other English,
My teacher says it’s British
It spells these words “theatre”, “centre”
But wrong if you spell “carpentre!”
And for its grammar, teacher why,
It says, “I’m handsome, aren’t I?”

This pronunciation headache
Has given me a heartbreak
While some words I don’t understand,
My teacher forces me to stand
I say, “BURGOYS”, she says “BURZH-WA”
The whole class echoes “HA!HA!HA!”

So please somebody help me please
Of things I couldn’t learn with ease
If rules were only easy
Then I should learn so easily
But all these things have messed me up
Somebody please... come pull me up!


The Teacher’s Reply to the
Student’s English Heartache

By: Mikejuha

I’ll help you, I’m your teacher
Of things that aren’t clear
Those words which sound the same
The name is homonym
If you should want to learn them
Take note, remember them.

The “plurals” are just easy
But maybe you’re just lazy
In many plurals you add “s”
In others you add “es”
Few others are exceptions
If you recall my explanations.

Be careful with your tense
When you write down your sentence
Confusing verbs to use
We list them you can choose
To learn them you must write
And then re-write, re-write!

If spelling bugs your mind
Just write, don’t be that blind
Because you’ll never learn
Those words of your concern
If you just figure out
That you can’t spell them out!

I don’t intend to nag you
I only want to teach you
Because if I don’t bug you
Next year again I’ll see you
So for your right tag speak it up
If wrong, your mouth, please shut it up!

Don’t bother with this usage
You’ll learn though you’re no sage
Just use your words with sense
And add your common sense
Don’t use these if you’re sane
“Dance on”, “dance over”, “dance within”!

This subject-verb agreement
Has caused us disagreement
The hard rules you consider
You take note, study harder
And never disagree
I’ll flunk you, you will see!

About the other English
Forget it if you wish
We do not need to study
If things will make us crazy
And never spell this – “teachre”
It’s such a stupid “answre”!

If to pronounce is hard
You practice very hard
You practice day and night
And find that you’ll learn quite
If people laugh at you
Just smile and say, “Thank you!”

So here I’m in your rescue
Of things keep bugging you
Those rules will be so easy
Just study don’t be lazy
Or all these things will suck you up
If you depend and won’t stand up!


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