Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Poems

By: Mikejuha


The Teacher and the Students

The teacher and the students
They drag the class between them
The teacher lays the rules
The students just ignore them
The teacher teaches many things
The students just forget them.

The teacher sets the deadlines
The students will postpone them
The teacher gives the grades
The students won’t believe them
The teacher records scores
The students tampered them.

The teacher keeps his patience
His lessons and his tact
Some students, their indifference
They like to interrupt
But when he calls them up
They never will stand up.

At times the class is dormant
A silence all they keep
The teacher feels ecstatic
The students feel as deep
But when the teacher speaks
The students fall asleep.

The teacher does his best
But students show no interest
The teacher has to preach
That students, “never cheat!”
The students, they admit
“We better cheat, than to repeat!”

The teacher’s loads alone he bears
Frustrations, anger, pain and all
He knows no student ever cares
But when he feels he has it all
He throws the blames
The students catch them all!

The Students’ Reply to the Teachers

We students and our teachers
We’ve built a gap between us
We know we follow rules
The teachers just don’t trust us
We study many things
The teachers never ask us.

We do observe the deadlines
The teachers never mind them
We always take our grades
They hurt but we accept them
We always ask our scores
But never tampered them!

We students have our problems
Like lessons hard to catch up
The teachers sometimes know them
They like to call us up
If we don’t know the answer
Then how can we stand up?

At times we feel so lazy
So tired and even weary
The teachers are just busy
To force and make us study
But how can we be snappy
If the lessons make us sleepy?

We students do our best
When teachers teach with interest
There’s no more need to preach
That students, “Never cheat!”
If the lessons we don’t get
The teachers will repeat!

The burdens teachers have
We hope won’t make them give up
We students also have
Expectations to cope up
But teachers shall we have
A way to bridge our gap?

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