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Stuffed Toy

WARNING: This post contains scenes which are not suitable for readers under 18.

By: Mikejuha


“Mikoooo!!! What is this again?!!!”

My mom. I knew what she’s screaming at again. She saw my newest stuffed animal which I hid inside my closet. From time to time, she comes to my room to get my laundry or simply check it for no reason. I expected that scream already. It’s the same reaction over and over.

I rushed to my room. When I saw mom there, I did not say anything. I just stared at her.

“This rabbit was still alive yesterday when you bought it. Don’t tell me it died again of a mysterious circumstance and that’s the reason you stuffed it?!”

I just stood there. I knew that if I would reason out or say any word, she would never believe it. It’s the same thing over and over. I do things, she demands reasons and when I give explanations, she doesn’t believe them. And the sermon prolongs and repeats all over. So, it’s better to keep a shut mouth until she leaves me alone in peace.

And that’s what I did. After a seemingly endless litany of things about animal rights, cruelty, compassion and everything, she left grumpily.

It’s one of the things that I and my mom disagree. I mean… stepmom.

Actually, my real mom left me and my dad when I was ten years old. When I reached fourteen my dad married my step mom. When I turned eighteen, my dad left us too, to a place nobody knows.

I still remember the last time I saw my dad. He and mom were in the receiving room of our house, exchanging fits of anger. I could still hear it in my mind when mom was pleading for dad not to leave us. But he was furious and even hit mom on the face. He left anyway, leaving me under the care of my stepmom whom I consider my real mom now. She later told me that dad had a mistress and he emigrate with her to another country.

So I developed this phobia of being left behind by loved ones.

This fear started when I was ten. I had this pet dog for about a year but it got killed when it was hit by a car. I was so depressed that time. With what happened, I kept the dog’s body inside a sealed box in my room. I didn’t know how to preserve a dead body. So I just watched my little dog’s decomposed...

It was painful. And the pain of losing a loved one was compounded when my mom and dad left me later.

In spite of my dad gone, my stepmom continued to care for me. She treated me like her own kid and made me feel loved. That’s how I learned to love her. Despite our little arguments, we have each other.

One day, mom had a visitor. “Miko, meet Marco... a friend.” Mom introduced his friend.

Marco was a tall, good-looking hunk, probably in his early twenties. His hair was long and wavy, his nose pointed, and his even set of teeth showed when he released that alluring smile. He wore jeans and a blue-striped semi-fit shirt that revealed his well-built body. I extended my hand for a handshake.

Marco grabbed it. “Nice to meet you Miko!”

I released a faint smile. I looked him in the eyes. “Nice to meet you too.” I replied and then hurriedly left to my room. There was jealousy deep in me. I knew that Marco was her boyfriend. I heard it from other people; they say that my mom has a young good-looking boyfriend. That made me mad.

While I was room, I could hear them talk and occasionally guffaw and giggle. There was a weird feeling I couldn’t understand. I could sense that mom was in love with him. And it was not impossible for Marco to really fall for her. At 35, mom still looks fit, sexy and her age doesn’t show. She is still very beautiful.

And that makes me all the more jealous... Marco and mom seems a perfect match. If they decide to get married, I wouldn’t know what will happen to me. I was not ready to accept another man in the family; much less a non-relative. And I was not ready either to have someone steal her attention. With my mom and dad gone, I couldn’t afford to lose her too.

I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I had to do something.

“Mikooooo!!!” Mom released that familiar scream again.  

I rushed to my room and there I found her in front of my closet. It was already opened and inside it were my stuffed animals – cats, some birds, a rabbit, a mouse, dogs, a rooster, pigeons, a pig, a turtle, even a fish. I just stood there waiting for her next words.

“That new cat! Where did you get it? Did you kill it too? Why can’t you stop this madness Miko? Stop it! You are killing animals! Don’t you know that?”

“I’m not killing animals, mom! I gave them a life that is free from death, free from pain!”

“What??? Are you God? This is insane!”

“I love these animals mom. That’s why I keep them.”

“At the expense of their life!” she yelled as she left.   

I was left there. She was right. I killed most of those animals. But I don’t know. I can’t just stop myself from doing it.

One afternoon, Marco visited again. But mom wasn’t around. “She has a seminar in Manila and she won’t be home until tomorrow evening.” I told him

He was about to leave when out of nowhere, I spontaneously uttered, “Why won’t you stay?”

“I’m sorry?” he snapped turning his head towards me.

“Why won’t you stay? While mom isn’t around, you can spend time with me... your future step-son.” I said.

His eyes widened in excitement. He released a big grin on his face, messed my hair with his hand and said, “Why not? Nice idea!”

He went inside, sat on the sofa as I went for the big bottle of gin on the shelf.

“So what is your idea of a good bonding with your future step-dad, Miko!”

“How about a drink?” as I showed him the bottle of gin.

He laughed. He could not have imagined that I drink.

So, we drank.

“I haven’t seen you going out or play something like basketball or any sport like the other boys. How do you spend your spare time Miko?”

“First of all, I’m not a boy anymore. I’m turning twenty in three months...”

“Oww... that’s good.” He nodded. “So, what do you do?”

“I stuff animals...”


“Animals... I stuff them. That’s what I do. I love it”

“You mean dead animals.”

“Of course… dead animals. You don’t stuff live animals, do you?”

We both bust into laughter.

“So, where are these stuffed ‘dead’ animals now?” emphasizing the word “dead”

“In my room. Do you want to see them? Mom hates them, so I keep them inside my closet.”

“Ok… I don’t hate stuffed animals. I like them. Come on! Let’s see them!” was his excited reaction as he stood up.

I stood up too, brought with me the drinks and the ice bucket. I wanted us to continue drinking in my room.

When we reached inside, I placed the wine and the ice bucket on the table as he remained standing near the door, watching my every move.

I went to the closet door and slowly opened it, trying to raise his excitement.

“Whoaaaaaa! Shit! They all look real! How did you do that?” as I saw his eyes bulged in amazement of what he saw.

“Experience! And it’s always better if the animals were alive before stuffing.” As I extended to him the glass of wine.

He took the glass and drank. “You mean... immediately after they die, you stuff them.”

“Yeah, with fresh blood and all!”

“Amazing! You are very talented!”


We were halfway through the bottle when I felt that he was already drunk. I could feel the tipsiness on my head too. I reached for the remote and open the TV. I played the bold movie on my DVD too.

There was silence between us. The only sound that we could hear was the moaning coming out from the bold movie. He continued to drink, his eyes were transfixed to the monitor.

I stood up and removed my shirt, dumped it on the floor. Then I pulled down my pants, dumped it on the floor too. And with only my brief on, I lazily dropped my body on the bed. “I am already drunkkkk!” I exclaimed.

“D-do you want me to leave?” Was his answer.

“No... I want you to lay beside me here on my bed.” Was my candid reply.

There was a pause. He looked at me like his eyes were asking if I really meant what I said.

“Please...” I pleaded, my arm stretched towards his direction as if wanting to hold him.

He struggled to stand up. I could still see how he tried to straighten his balance. He removed his t-shirt, dumped it haphazardly on the floor. He unbuckled his pants, untangle the buttons of his fly, and shoved it down.

When he tried to stand again, I could see from his white boxers the big bulge of his manhood. He had a hard-on!  

I was like in a trance to see him in that position. I could see his sexy body; his sculpted chest, his six-pack abs, his muscular thighs, and the pubes running from his chest down his navel and into the under-part of his boxers. I knew where the line ended... My mind was tickled by the thought of how huge that thing he was hiding under his boxers.

He walked towards the bed. I moved to give him a space as he dropped his body next to mine.

I immediately grabbed his head and kissed his lips. He didn’t protest. I grabbed his body tight. We kissed like we both wanted it to happen. He kissed me like he wanted me for the rest of his life.

I played my tongue inside his mouth. An unmistakable tingling sensation overwhelmed me. That was the first time in my life to kiss a man. I could hardly explain the feeling. It was compelling. “Was it the alcohol? Or was it the thought of Marco trying to steal my mom from me?” My mind screamed.

So I continued to kiss him savoring the unexplainable sensation. He returned my hugs and caresses. We kissed like we famished for that sensual desire.

Then I mounted myself above Marco, ran my tongue into his face, ears, neck, chest, licking it for some minutes. And when I sucked his nipples, I felt like he was about to explode. I stayed there for another minutes before working it down to his navel. I hurriedly pulled down his white boxers short and almost instantaneously, I slotted his hard-on into my mouth. He released a deep moan, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” as my head oscillated up-and-down his crotch, his hands guiding my head.

When he could no longer hold on, he rose up, pulled me up into all fours. He shoved down my brief. His hand reached for the lubricant on the side table, poured it into his palm, rubbed it into his hard on. As he entered me from behind, I jerked but I continued to mount my butt into his staff. Inch by inch he got in. I released a huge moan. It was so painful but I tried to endure it. “Arrrrghhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” He ran his hand over my body, caressing it while our tongues played together inside our mouths. He pounded me slowly in the beginning but as the pain started to lessen and I started to moan and arched one of my hands to his butt, his pounding intensified. Until he released his hard-on from my behind, hurriedly pulled my hair, guiding me to position my face into his cock as his semen exploded into my mouth.

He lay flat on the bed as I kept stroking myself over him, my mouth sealed his. His hand reached for my hard-on and I allowed him to stroke it. When I felt like I was about to explode too, I bit Marco’s lip. Marco knew it, so he stroke my cock harder until my semen splattered all over his belly.

We continued to kiss until both of us lay flat on the bed gasping.

Then we slept, our arms arched over each other’s body.

It was 7 in the morning when I woke up. My head was heavy and I felt queasy. As I turned to Marco, he was still asleep.

I flipped to his side. I planted a kiss on his lips.

“Uhhhhmmmmm!” He moaned and opened his eyes. When he saw me, there was a smile on his face, “I’m sorry...” he said.

I pressed my finger over his lips. “You don’t have to. I like what we did...”

He just smiled. Suddenly, he rose up. “What time is it?”

“Nine in the morning!”

“Shit! I am late!”

He collected his clothes on the floor and instantly left telling me, “This is just our little secret huh!”

I nodded.

I couldn’t figure out with how I really felt about what happened. I was happy and at the same time sad; happy because I felt a certain degree of victory with my plan; sad because he rightfully belonged to my mom. I don’t know. I knew I felt something.

Days passed and my feelings for Marco grew. I knew it was love. I felt bad and jealous when he would pay a visit and there was mom with him. I felt worse if he doesn’t come at all.

And for Marco, he treated me like nothing happened between us. It’s like everything was just a game for him; something trivial. It made me all the more very sad.

Sometimes when he would come and they would stay at the receiving room, I would intentionally sit in front of them, pretend to read a book although my ears would listen to everything they were talking. As I did that, I would secretly stare at him. Sometimes, I could catch him secretly staring at me too. I didn’t know what’s on his mind. But for me, I was jealous... very jealous.

Until mom formally introduced Marco to me as his fiancĂ©. “We plan to get married after six months Miko... After that we will have Tour to Europe.”

It was like my world collapsed. I looked at her finger. I could see a beautiful gold ring with a diamond centerpiece.

I was angry, I was inconsolable. But I kept my calm. On the outside, I never showed that I was affected. But on the inside, it was like a volcano was ready to explode.

I secretly opened mom’s cp and searched for Marco’s number. I kept it and waited for the opportune time to give him a call.

One day, mom left for a seminar in Hongkong. She would be there for two days. That was the opportune time I was waiting. I called Marco. “This is it...” I murmured.

“Hello!” the person on the other line answered.

“This is Miko. How are you Marco?”

“Oh... Hi! How are Miko?”

“I’m fine. And you?”

“I’m good. What’s up? I know your mom is not around. So what can I do for you?”

“Can you come?”

“I’m a little busy but if you insist, I’ll be there at 7pm.”

“Good. I’ll wait for you.”

He came at 7:30.

“So what’s up?” He said as he got into the receiving room. He looked so enticing in his faded jeans and semi-fit tee.

“Nothing! I just missed you.” was my casual reply.

“Oww... I missed you too.”

“Have you eaten your dinner yet?” I asked.

“O yeah, I’m full.”

“Good.” I said as I led him to my room. He followed.

When we were inside, I immediately offered him the alcohol. “Thanks” he said as he received it. It was as if he knew what I wanted. He sat on the edge of the bed while he continued to sip his drink. “You missed me huh!” he teased as he winked and released a naughty smile.

“Yeah. Why... just because you are engaged with mom doesn’t mean I can’t ask you to come.” I said as I sat beside him.

“Of course you can ask me. Anytime!”

“I love you...” I said in a serious tone as I hurried to gulp the alcohol in my glass, not wanting to see his reaction. I wanted to get drunk instantly.

There was silence. He was dumbfounded. He figured for the right words to say.

When I looked at him, he was biting his lip. “Ok... you don’t love me. What can I do?”

He arched his arm around my shoulder “Miko, please understand. I have only one heart. And I can give this one heart only to your mom.”

I did not answer. I felt the surge of tears rolling down my cheeks.

“B-but if you want me, it’s ok. W-we can do this, of course... secretly.” He said as his fingers tried to wipe the tears from my face. “You can love me. It’s ok...”

I stood up, remove my clothes and faced him. “Then make me happy...”

He managed to gulp the entire contents of alcohol in his glass. Then he stood up and removed his clothes too. He faced me. He was already drunk. And… naked.

As I looked at him, it was like I just met him for the first time. It seemed that my intoxication had vanished and my eyes could only admire his immaculate face, his dark and pronounced eyebrows, nice set of teeth, red beautiful lips and long pointed nose. His eyes seemed to speak; his long and wavy hair looked clean and fresh. On his muscled chest were soft hairs aligning down to his six-pack abs and navel and down to his bulge. He was in great shape; a modern-day Adonis

He stared at me. It was like eternity. I felt my heart beat so fast. Then he grabbed my hair and kissed my lips. “Hhhmmmfffpptt!” I moaned.

As we were kissing, we dropped our body on the bed.

I lay still there, just feeling the touch of our skins. My tongue played inside his mouth. I mounted myself on top of him. I run my lips over his chest, his nipples... I felt his hard-on with my hand and stroked it as I continued playing my lips over his navel.

Later, he pushed my head down, and so I licked his staff for a while then slotted it into my mouth and maneuvered it. I sucked it like it was my last.

A few minutes, Marco pulled himself and reached for the lubricant. He poured it into his palm, rubbed onto his cock.

I knew what he wanted. I grabbed the lubricant from his hand, put some on my behind and squatted on his crotch slowly and carefully. And when the whole length of his hard-on was inside me, I released a huge moan, “AHHHHHHHHHH!” as he maneuvered me from below with the upward-downward motion of his crotch.

After some minutes, he let me lie on my back, arched my legs upward on his soulders as his arms were braced over the bed. Then he entered me, our faces directly facing each other. That was where Marco intensified his pounding. I stroked myself harder and harder, “M-marco, I’m comingggg, I’m coming! Ahhhhhhh!” He sealed my lips with his lips as my semen squirted over my chest and belly. Almost instantly, he removed himself from inside me, “Ahhhh, am coming too Miko, am comingggggg! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” stroking his hard-on. I hurriedly crouched  facing his cock, my left hand held his butt while my right continued to hold my staff as my mouth sucked up every drop of his sperm.

When he was done, he reached for my mouth, our tongues played with our spit inside, savoring the taste of his semen. Then he licked my face, neck, chest, belly tasting our spilled over cum. He licked every part of my body, until his lips searched back for my lips. We hugged in total exhaustion; our bodies were wet and slimy all over with the mixture of our sperm, saliva, and sweat.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes, caressing, kissing, hugging... No one said any word. We just felt each other while I relished that feeling I can only experience from Marco.

Then he brushed my hair with his hand, “Miko, there is something I would like to say...”

“Go ahead...” I answered softly.

“I have to admit, I like what we did... I do. I really do.”

I released a faint smile as I placed my finger over his lips. “I know...” I whispered. “Just go to sleep.”

Mom arrived the following day.

I was in the kitchen when suddenly, “MIKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

I knew it. It was the same familiar scream; only that it was quite louder and scarier that time. She must have seen again my newest stuffed animal.

I rushed to my room expecting that she would deafen me with her litany. But when I entered the room, I saw her laying flat on the floor. She fell unconscious.

I looked at the inside of my half-opened closet. I fully opened it.

There I saw my new stuffed animal. He looked so alive, so real. My eyes could only admire his immaculate face, his dark and pronounced eyebrows, nice set of teeth, red beautiful lips and long pointed nose. His eyes seemed to speak; his long and wavy hair looked clean and fresh. On his muscled chest were soft hairs aligning down to his six-pack abs and navel and down to his manhood. He was in great shape; a modern-day Adonis.

I leaned over and pressed my ear for some seconds to check if he was breathing. “Ah... I forgot. I crushed his only one heart so no one will ever own it.” I murmured.

I closed the closet. My attention was focused on my mom. I took the injection from my drawer. It was the same injection I gave to Marco.

“Mom... just go to sleep” I whispered as I injected into her body the poison.

I pulled her body through the secret passage of my room leading to the cellar. It was still fresh on my mind when dad revealed to me that secret passage in my room. “Son… use this secret passage in case of emergency, or when you want to escape from something.” I was so happy to learn about it. Since I was a kid, I had always wanted to do something strange, something different, something out-of-the-ordinary. 

Meanwhile, it was tough dragging mom through the narrow secret passage. When we were already at the cellar, I opened a closet and positioned mom’s body upright inside it. She was heavy. I didn’t remove her innards, unlike what I did to Marco and all my stuffed toys. It was a hard job and I knew that the cellar was enough to contain the stench of death.

When I was done, I opened the closet next to my mom’s. It was a long time. I still remember everything. “Dad, I’m sorry I haven’t visited you for a long time. But mom is here now. You won’t be alone anymore...”



  1. What the hell.. Reading this at 2 in the morning.. Bad idea! Lol

  2. Grabe naman...nakakatakot...pero i like the idea of killing..whahahahaha

  3. Wow!the best ka talaga kuya mike!tihs story gives me goosebumps..but at the same time i pity mico..


  4. wew hanep ah... ibang story ito... kakatakot lang... jejejeje... May god....

  5. What the?! The ending got into my nerves! This is supah dope! TWO THUMBS UP!

  6. grabe!di ako makahuma!ang galing mo kuya mike!!


  7. i just read this before I got to sleep last night :))
    grabe... the ending was way too creepy but it was nice :)
    this story is a good way of depicting the extremes of being too clingy and the fear of losing someone
    all in all... di ako makagetover sa ending sa sobra nyang kascary :))
    maybe you should consider writing a mystery, horror, love masterpiece after you are done writing with you current works :)
    so kudos you again Sir Mike :3

  8. kakaiba. . .
    pero i like the story. . .

  9. WTF!!! What the Fish. horrible. I never imagined someone doing it.

  10. kakatakot ito..grabe yung imagination ko..hehehe nice kuya

  11. I missed reading. This is so creepy and amazing???wonderful?? I don't know. I can't explain it...all I know is it's great. Gaaad how I missed browsing blogs and reading stories. Creepy kid.....I like it...HAHA, this story makes me want to marry that kid...I mean that grown up. He's scary but I like him. Weird huh? I know. -cnjsaa-



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