Friday, February 17, 2012

Pkikisuyo Ng Isang MSOB Follower

May isang MSOB friend and follower na naharap ngayon sa isang malungkot na karanasan sa puso at nakisuyong ipost ko dito ang kanyang saloobing para sa isang tao. Heto ang kanyang mensahe sa akin -

Thanks for spending time with me kanina. It was such a relief. Ito lang naman yung message na gusto kong mabasa nya. Pwedeng, wag mo na lagyan ng mga names namin? Please...

At heto naman ang kanyang message:

videokeman mp3
Kundiman – Silent Sanctuary Song Lyrics

I fell in LOVE with you not because I was lonely and randomly looking for it by mere chance or luck. It was during those impetuous moments where I was too fragile to handle. I felt so much about you; not thinking about the hindrances and consequences between us.

Sometimes I feel I’m at the edge of the cliff, looking down at the crushing surf with nowhere to go, but down. But you came. You lifted up my spirits and allowed me to see the beauty of life, friendship and family.

During those sweet and soulful times we had, don’t you ever think that I was only playing with your heart. My emotions, love and passion were all real! I liked you because I simply liked you. You made me very happy and your glow did outshine my little shadows. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry because I can no longer make great adventures with you at this point of time.

I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. I am now doing my best to move on. Be free my LOVE. Be free!


  1. Good day Mike,
    I came across this letter from one of your follower and it really hit me hard as if my partner is talking to me. Yes, I was aware that our relationship is somewhat shaky. We've been together for so long now that leaving him is really a hard thing to consider. I am not asking anything from him. Just be on our side in our most trying times. I forgive him even if he's not asking for forgiveness. I love him because of what he is not because of what he has. I don't want any great adventure in life. I just want to grow old with him spent the remaining part of my life with him. Thanks that i came across your blog.

  2. Naka-relate ako Kuya Mike. Teary eye ako habang binabasa ko ito. Para po kasing nakikipag-usap 'siya'(kilala mo na po.) sa akin nung binabasa ko ito eh. Ayun lang po. Hay. BTW, I love the song! Relate na relate din! Ahahahah!!!



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