Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Twisted Cinderella

James Silver

Kumusta lang, ingat sa lahat :)

(Super Short Story)

I love the prince but he never loved me back. He doesn't want to see me, so he blinded his eyes. He cried. He yelled. And my tears rolled down with no one cared to wipe it. The prince ran away and left me at his place.

The ball is near and I have to dance. I'd look for a beautiful princess that the prince might like. And there, I saw Cinderella wearing a beautiful dress and a pair of glass shoes. I danced with her expecting the prince would be happy if I chose the right one. And suddenly Cinderella fell in love with me. I smiled and pretended that I'm feeling the same way. Cinderella fell deeply in love with me, but everytime she smiles I thought about how happy the prince would be.

The time is right, I would tell her the truth. But she ran away when the clock struck twelve and left me with a glass shoe. I took the shoe and brought it to the prince, and the prince walked towards me. He gave me a painful kiss and said "I love you". I killed the prince, as a punishment for his forbidden feelings. My tears rolled down again as I whispered "my heart belongs to you".

I brought the glass shoe back to Cinderella. I married her, to fulfill her dreams and I killed myself to fulfill mine.

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