Sunday, August 21, 2016


James Silver

"I am the earth revolves around your red sun,
You make my day with the warmth of your light,
I lean on you when Ive got nowhere to run,
You hide me from the threats of the night.

You are an angel fallen from the depths of space,
Stranded along my windy dry land, kept from time,
Stuck in the momentum of my creepiest nightmare,
Crawling against the horizon at the end of the line.

Bloody hands of mine keep gripping your thorns,
As you poisoned my body with the beauty you hold,
Blackest of black, where the mourning moon borns,
You're a demon caresses me when the nights are cold.

You could relive the dead sea with the scream of your silence,
You could destroy my entirety with the sweetness of your smile,
Those blue roses couldn't be compared to your existence,
For the flowers beauty were created after your view and sight.

With you, I was cursed and blessed.
I will make you feel my love,
Yours only,

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