Friday, September 25, 2015

A Dilemma: Aldub Nation or Pastillas Country

I hope that our dear Philippines will not be torn apart between the two factions of "Aldub" and "Miss Pastillas." At the end of the day, all we want is happiness - for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our friends... for everyone.

If we treasure the relationship and happiness of our loved ones, friends or other persons, then it follows that we also have to respect the things they love, or even the favorite shows they watch. Mature people value respect, good relations, and happiness - more than things... or shows for that matter.

No two people are the same. That says it all. So if your friend wants beef while you like veggies, it's no big deal. You don’t need to go into details to outsmart each other as to who has the most nutritional intake, or which consumers are smarter or dumber. Although you may discuss things about them but within the bounds of respect and in a way that the "differences" are appreciated rather than scorned. Then you learn to accept the fact that your friend loves the beef while you love something else. There is no insult there, no heated arguments, no invectives. Just plain appreciation that there you are, having a friend who may have the most unique idiosyncrasy in the world, yet this same friend makes you happy and feel loved and in return, he is proud that he has a friend like you who understand his stupidity.

So then, if I adore Aldub and my friend go nuts over Miss Pastillas, will I take it against him? Will I smear and insult him, telling him he is stupid, idiot, bitch?
Obviously not. It’s because I love my friend more than Aldub or Miss Pastillas. Our relationship and happiness are more important than what matters to the shows. The shows may hit record highs in terms of viewings today (because of us) and their producers and artists rake in huge amount of cash… they won’t be there if I and my friend cut each other’s throat or kill each other (because of them).

I am not their responsibility; they are not mine. We are just ordinary people who happen to be carried away by their show business.

So then, our lives are not only about Aldub or Miss Pastillas. There are other things in there, even more important. Shows and artists come and go under the limelight. And one day - whether we like it or not - we may see them go. But our lives continue to move on. And moving-on-with-our-lives to the next level, there is nothing more beautiful than being with the friends and loved ones (or even people we only know in the internet) with whose respect, good relations, and happiness we value the most...



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