Friday, September 2, 2016



C-hasing your shadow, the only thing, my eyes love to see,
A-ltering the truth inside my dreams for desire be fulfilled,
R-eality was cruel, I don't know you, you don't know me,
L-ove of ours is a handmade mountain I'm trying to build,
O-ur fate truly denied from us, concealed by destiny and time
S-ame as the truths of the world, where you aren't mine.

B-eauty of your soul clings into my very deepest,
L-oving you could bring me such eternal happiness,
U-niverse itself brought me to break your high walls,
E-nding your loneliness, and start our longest course.
R-ise above the clouds that's where I want you to be,
O-n your way I will be with you, hoping you'll be free,
S-aving your heart, with the demons I'll make a bid,
E-venthough falling for you can cause mine to bleed.

C-ouldn't imagine life without you, creating my paradise,
L-ost in eternity, wandering in the woods of perfect lies,
A-live, but merely existing, if our love could not be known,
V-ividly, your name engraved into the deepest of my soul,
E-nticing you with the best of me through a poem or a song,
R-emember I have done these for you and it took very long,
I-ntelligence is nothing if I can't make you realize your worth,
A-lone to the nearest heaven where there's nothing but death.

W-hat kind of love would this be, if it was not for you to feel,
I- am nothing, but a miserable warrior denying what is real
L-oving you a thousand lifetimes would not be enough to do,
L-oving you without reserve, I will die and live again for you.

Y-our mother, from Greatness of God to whom I am thankful,
O-ut of her womb, she brought you, whose the most beautiful,
U-nder the light of the sun and the bluest of sky I feel blissful.

B-ravely screaming these words, be rejected and feel the hurt,
E-ndure the painful truth, rather than live and die unheard.

M-elancholy could kill, if I missed your heart with my arrow,
I-nsanity, seducing my mind, thought I would die tomorrow,
N-early running out, half of the time left for us to be together,
E-xchange everything I have for a chance to hold you forever.

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  1. Yes I will...... Author Bluenose

    As always




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